“Excuse me Sir, may I help you?” the blonde in the full latex body suite asked as I approached the double doors and I came to a halt.

“Ah, no… well maybe, I was looking for… the bathroom?” I said as I ran my finger through my dark brown hair to loop it over my ear. I was making up an excuse as to why I was in one of the off limit areas on the spot as I tried to get behind the scenes.

I’d been sent in by the agency as a buyer, but things were not going well and I’d decided to take a risk and try something else. So when my chance to get away from the main room had come up, I’d taken it.

“They are back the way you came Miss Anderson.” the blonde replied and pointed behind me with her latex covered finger.

I smiled at her and nodded, “Thank you.” I replied and turned, looking to see if there was anywhere else I could sneak into.

Before I could find anything I felt the cool latex covered had of the blonde come to rest on my shoulder and my whole body jerk as an electric charge ran through me and I collapsed to the floor.

I woke up sometime later, bound to a metal pole, encased completely in latex and straps.

“Ah Miss Anderson, or should I call you Agent Truely?” a man’s voice asked and I managed to open my eyes and look at him.

It was Dan Young, the owner of Young Industries, famous for their lifelike robots, like the blonde that had shocked me.

“What’s going on here… release me immediately or you’ll be in big trouble!” I said, trying to sound confident.

Dan just Chuckled, “There’s only one person it big trouble here Tabitha, and that’s you.” he replied and the raised his hand in which he was hold a small device of some kind. He held it out in front of him and pressed the single button on it and my whole body spasmed.

I cried out it in pleasure as every nerve ending in my body came to life, I felt the first of several orgasms crash over me before everything just because an impenetrable pink haze.

My whole body was shaking, from near exhaustion and fear. It had been several days of repeated cycles of pleasure and sensory depravation. Each time the pleasure would come the speakers and monitors in the room would come to life and fill the room with the sights and sounds of sex and obedience.

When they finished, the room was completely dark, silent, even if I spoke the sounds my voice made never reached my ears. I could only assume the room was fitted with some kind of noise canceling system like high end headphones had.

The problem was that I was starting to lose myself to it. Each time the pleasure started it was harder and harder not to pay attention to the sights and sounds I was being bombarded with. Each time the darkness and silence came, it was hard and hard not to hope that the sights and sounds would return.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out, but I was sure that there was no chance of me escaping.

I stood perfectly still, just as I had been instructed to, and waited. It was my purpose after all, to follow instructions, to obey, to serve.

I didn’t have to wait long before two men walked into the room, the first I recognized as my programmer, the one that had made me what I am.

The second I recognized as well, though only distantly from my old memories.

“As you can see Captain Smith, her conversion has been a complete success, just as I promised.” my programmer said and Captain Smith nodded in agreement.

“It appears so, was she any problem? I always found her to be… headstrong.”

“Not in the slightest. My methods are fool proof, the more headstrong, the more completely they come under control.”

“So you say, but I’ll be the judge of that.” Captain Smith replied.

My programmer nodded and then handed Captain Smith my small control unit, “Of course, I’ll leave you to.. verify, her programming.”

Captain Smith walked over to me as my programmer left and closed the door behind him. Smith ran his hands over my body, squeezing my tits and ass when they roamed over them, but I stood perfectly still.

He stood behind me and leaned in close to my ear, “Not so high and mighty now, eh Tabitha?” he spat into my ear.

I knew he was talking about the old me, the me that had filed false sexual harassment grievances against him, the me that had been trying to take his job and move up the chain of command.

“Get down on your knees. I might as well get what you claimed I asked for.” he growled and I dropped instantly to my knees, knowing exactly what he was telling me to do.

I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue, waiting for him to stick his cock into my mouth.

There was zero chance that this would be the last time it happened, as long as he held my control device, he was my owner, and all I could do was obey like the lifelike robot that I was.