Tammy sat in the chair, her hands on her lap, a smile across her face. The smile was as fake as the rest of her appearance, from the caked on makeup, to the tussed out curls of bottle blonde hair, to the stuffing in her bra that strained her dress close to the breaking point.

Not long ago she’d been the exact opposite of what sat in the chair now, a rebellious dark haired anti-establishment young woman.

But that was before she’d gone to Dr. Ford and he’s explained how silly she’d been behaving. At first she’d been very confused, she’d been sent to see him by her work for some “inter-personal incidents” in the office, as HR had put it. What it really had been was her unwillingness to listen to the old hags drone on about how inappropriate it was for her to have a mind of her own and not respect them.

Dr. Ford had really shown her a new perspective on things and soon enough she’d seen the error of her ways. It only took a few sessions with Dr. Ford before she was apologizing to the other women in the office for her rude behaviour, and especially her boss, Mr. Jefferies.

A shiver ran through her thinking about him, she’d never seen it before her sessions with Dr. Ford, but Mr. Jefferies was quite the hunk. In fact she’d had a hard time these last few weeks not daydreaming about him while she sat at her desk just down the hall from of his office. Her nighttime dreams were a whole different story though, she’d been having such wicked, sexual, dreams of him each night. She often woke up in the morning in a pool of sweat and her own juices… she was doing so much laundry these days!

“Tammy, Charles will see you now.” Debra, Mr. Jefferies EA said as she stood in the meeting room’s door.

Tammy quickly stood up and grabbed her tiny handbag and sashayed her way across the hall to Mr. Jefferies office.

“Hello Mr. Jefferies.” she said in a cheerful voice as she sat down in the chair in front of his desk. She heard Debra close the door behind her and a shiver ran through her.

“Good morning Tammy, thank you for coming in this morning.” he said.

Tammy smiled even more broadly and a slight uncontrolled giggle escaped her lips from the shiver of pleasure that buried itself in her pussy.

God he was so handsome, the receding hairline, the double chin, she just wanted to leap across the desk and kiss him so badly!

“Oh my pleasure Mr. Jefferies! I just wanted to say, once more, how sorry I am for having caused you so much trouble in the past!”

“That’s alright Tammy, I’m just glad that you’re on the right path now and a team player finally.” he replied and stood up, then walked around to the front of his desk and leaned back against it, standing just in front of her.

Her eyes looked up, then darted down to his crotch as she bit her lower lip, before returning up to his face.

“Oh yes! Yes, I’m definitely a team player Mr. Jefferies! I’ll do anything for the team.” she replied, nodding vigorously.

“Anything?” he asked.

Her eyes fell to his crotch again as she nodded and her fingers reaching out towards his belt, “Oh yes, annnnything…” she half moaned in response.

She gasped as her fingers came in contact with his belt, she couldn’t help herself any longer, would his dick be as big as in her dreams? Would it taste as good? Would she cum as hard when she swallowed his seed?

She didn’t have to wait long to find out, her fingers quickly undoing his belt and dropping his pants to the floor, her lips wrapping around his semi-erect cock and her whole world exploding in pleasure.