A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday October 04, 2023

“So Janet, what’s in the breifcase?” I asked the stacked blonde in what could only be described as “office slutwear”.

Which was strange, because when she’d left the office yesterday she’d been a slightly overweight brunette dressed in the most boring baggy grey power suit Todd had ever seen.

“What Todd?” Janet replied and turned a little towards him as she pushed her glasses up her nose, which was strange as well as they clearly had no lenses in them.

“The breifcase… on the chair…” I said and pointed to the rectangular black case that she was resting her knee against.

She smiled and seemed to get lost in thought for a moment before taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out.

“That silly thing? Just a few things I don’t really need anymore, like my self respect, modesty, and independence.” she replied in a dreamy singsong.

I raised an eye brow but she continued before I could ask anything else, “Do you want it? I was told to give it to the first person that asked for it.” she said and then picked up the briefcase and extended her arm towards me.

My eyebrow rose even higher, threating to leave my forehead completely, as I instinctively reached out and took the case. Janet’s demeanor changed instantly as she swiveled on the edge of the desk towards me, pushing her chest out and giving it a jiggle from side to side, while clasping her hands behind her back.

“Would you like to play with my titties? I’m such a big titted slut, you could slide your cock between them and cum all over my face if you like!”

Janet then stood up and wiggled her way a few steps to be right in front of me, she placed her hand on my chest and licked her lips before slowly kneeling down.

“Let me get that big fat cock out of you pants and get it nice and hard so you can fuck my titties good baby…” Janet said and promptly did so.

Janet’s head bobbed up and down in my lap as I sat in my home office, looking across the room to the shelf with the briefcase on it. It had been six months since that day in the office that Janet had given it to me and I’d never opened it.

I wasn’t sure what would happen if I did, did it really contain all those things she said it did? Would they escape back to her and make her what she had been before? I didn’t know and had no desire to find out.

I have no idea what happened to her, her own memory from before that morning in the office is a fuzzy mess and trying to dig down into it just makes her a horny slut in heat. The last time I tried she spent the next two days suck and fucking every ounce of cum out of me that should could.

Whatever did happen hasn’t worn off and I’m not willing to push too much just in case. I just count myself lucky that I arrived in the office before anyone else.

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