Linda just stared at Tony and watched his face redden more and more. A smile would have come to her lips but they were still too puffy from her latest injection of fillers and so she just smiled inwardly instead.

“Linda… what… my god…” Tony stammered as she leaned against the table.

“What?” she asked, knowing full well exactly what he was having a conniption fit over.

“How… how am I going to spin… I mean… I can’t even…” she almost shouted as he threw his hands up in the air.

The shirt was probably a little too much, she’d almost not worn it, but she got a kick out of seeing Tony melt down over her choices so she’d worn it.

It wasn’t the shirt, per se at least, that had him going off though. Tony had been her manager since she’d been a teen pop star and he’d been trying to keep her in that mold ever since. Even though she was well past that phase of her life, Tony was only worried about the dollars coming in, and her later music and style had definitely not brough it much.

“Whatever.” she replied and waved her hand in his general direction as she stood up and left. She’d done what she had come to do, so now it was time to get back to her life.

* * *

Linda was drunk… very drunk, and hanging off the arm of some guy she’d hooked up with at the club. They’d stumbled out of the front door and several paparazzi had taken photos of them. She’d made sure that they’d gotten a good shot of her Brat top before making out with the guy for a few minutes.

Now they were walking to… his car? Probably, that was fine, she was going to have some fun with him tonight and then ghost him in the morning anyway.

They got to his car and she titled her head to the side in confusion as it wasn’t a car, but a van. A plain white panel van, which seemed odd and set off something in the back of her head, even through the alcohol.

“I… I think I’m gonna take off…” she said and turned to leave.

Before she could make her escape though he grabbed her arm and held her firmly, she turned her head towards him but before she could open her lips to scream, she felt something jab into her ass cheek and her eyes went wide.

“Tony say’s hi by the way…” he said as her everything got warm and her eyes fluttered shut.

* * *

Linda woke up with a throbbing pain in her head, and a dryness in her mouth, and quickly realized she couldn’t move. She blinked several times and tried to pull against her restraints but they refused to budge.

After a few minutes of fruitless struggle, she calmed down and took stock of what she could see. She was clearly reclined in some kind of chair and her wrists, waist, ankles, and neck were secured with wide bands. The room was brightly lit, with white walls and just in front of her face was a screen.

“I see you’re awake finally…” a voice came from the foot of the chair she was in, even though she couldn’t see him, she knew it wasn’t the same person as she’d met at the club.

Instead an older man in a white lab coat walked up beside her with a smile on his face.

“What the fuck is going on!” she demanded.

“Ah, well, it seems your manager has engaged our services to… remedy… your attitude problems.”

“What the fuck do you mean by ‘remedy’?!?” she shouted back.

“A fair enough question. Our organization specializes in, well, brainwashing to be blunt. Over the next few weeks you mind wil be assaulted with a variety of drugs and conditioning systems that will bring you into alignment with what Tony expects of you.”

“Weeks? Ha! I’ve got engagements in just a couple of days! Do you know who I am? If I don’t show up there will be hell to pay!”

The man reached into his lab coat and pulled out a phone and brought something up on it before showing it to her.

She instantly recognized her Instaglam page but not the series of posts that was displayed.

“Shit, I just can’t take it any more… think about taking a break.”

“Fuck this crap, I’m out of here! I’m canceling everything for the next few weeks.”

“Linda’s management team would like to address the rumors going around. Linda has checked herself into a private clinic for rehap and we support her and wish her the best. We are confident when she’s ready she’ll return and better person.”

Linda’s eyes went wide as reality started to set in, of course Tony had access to her Instaglam account, along with just about everything else in her life.

“Look, I might have been a little upset, whatever Tony is paying you I can double… triple. Let’s just forget this ever happened and you can let me go.” she said in a much more reasonable tone.

The man shook his head, “I’m sorry Miss Desmond, once we take a contract, we honour it.” he replied and put the phone back in his pocket.

Her anger swelled again but just as she went into a profanity laiden rant, he reached over and turned on the IV she hadn’t noticed in her arm along with the monitor in front of her. He then turned and left as the drugs flowed into her vein and she started to feel light headed.

She heard the door close just as the monitor came to life and images from her Instaglam feed started to flash across it, and her own voice came out of the speakers.

“I’m such a bratty little slut, I love sucking and fucking guys.”

“I love being told what to do by men, it makes me feel like such a little brat when I don’t always do it right away.”

“I love getting spanked like the horny little brat I am.”

* * *

“So Linda, how are you feeling?” the man in the white lab coat asked as he stood over her.

Linda’s lower lip quivered and her forehead scrunched as she tried to answer, “I… I’m ok…” she managed to get out and the pout a little.

“Is that so? What if I was to say that you’re acting a little bit like a brat right now?”

Her eyes went wide, “I’m not a brat! I’m not a slutty little brat at all! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!” she shouted in a slightly too high of pitch. If she’d been able to she would have stomped her foot and crossed her arms, but neither was possible as she was still strapped into the chair.

She instantly regretted the outburst, it was exactly what they wanted, what the drugs and images and sounds had been trying to program into her mind for the last week or so.

Was it a week? Maybe two, it was hard to tell for sure.

The man landing a slap on her tit and it brought her back to the present.

“Tell me to do it again.” he said.

Her eyes went wide and her lips parted to say the words but she managed to stop herself. Her nipples went hard and her pussy buzzed and she instantly knew that she’d fallen into the trap, and done exactly what they wanted her to.

“Slap my big bratty titty again baby!” she burst out and a wave of pleasure coursed over her, only to be amplified by the man’s hand coming down hard on her tit once more.

“Not bad, you’re coming along fine.” he said and the turn on the drugs and monitor once more, leaving her alone with them.

* * *

Linda just stared at Tony as she leaned against the table and watched his smile grow wider and wider.

“So how’s my little brat feeling?” he asked her and a shiver of pleasure ran over her.

“I’m feeling great Daddy!” she replied as she pushed her tits out towards him and gave them a little shake.

“That good to hear Linda. Did you enjoy your time at… rehab?”

Linda bit her lower lip and nodded, “Oh yes Daddy, so much better! Let me show you…” she replied and dropped to her knees, her fingers going to his zipper and undoing it.

“Tell me to suck your cock Daddy, I’ll do anything you ask me too!”

She fished his cock from his pants and smiled, looking up at him.

“Alright Linda, suck my cock.”

She giggled and leaned her head back and stuck out her tongue and then bounced his hardening shaft off of her face.

“Ok Daddy, but just because you asked so nicely!” she replied and the wrapped her lips around him and sucked him all the way in.

She couldn’t wait for him to tell her to do all kinds of things, but most of all she couldn’t wait to act like the sluttly little brat she was for him.