The new “quite” room was weird.

Very weird. In fact it was so weird that Jen had been coming to it every day for an hour or so jus to try and figure out what exactly the weirdness was about.

Each time she’d been drawn to one of the corners of the room where the patterns on the walls met and merged, each corner seemed to make her feel in a different way and she often rotated around the room counter clockwise.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jen, I didn’t know you were in here…” David’s voice said from the doorway behind her and she threw her head over her shoulder to see the HR manager standing there. He was the typical HR manager; older, balding, bespectacled, a little over weight, but pleasant and always available to listen to whatever issues Jen or the other staff had.

A shiver ran through her body and she suppressed a small moan, “Oh hi David… it’s ok… I’m just… just finished anyway.” she replied and turned towards him, but staying in the corner of the room.

“Oh, that’s good. I wanted to talk to you for a minute anyway…” he said and stepped into the quite room, closing the door behind him and slide the “occupied” sign that she had forgotten to.

He stepped towards her and smiled, “You… you did? What about?” she asked tentatively.

“Yes, it’s about your attire…” he said, waving his hand up and down her body.

She looked down at her cleavage, then past it to her simple black dress and finally to her heels. It was true that it was a little more… provocative, than she usually wore. Her closet was filled with pants suits and conservative dresses, but it wasn’t like she *never* wore this kind of thing. It wasn’t like she was a prude or anything, she just usually kept this kind of dress for going out on the weekends to clubs or what not.

“My… my attire? What’s wrong with it?” she asked as he stepped right up to her, forcing her to take a half step back until she was wedged into the corner of the room.

“Well…” he started before lifting his finger up to the valley between her tits and hooking it onto the lowest part of her dress, “If you’re going to show off this much cleavage… guys are going to want to see the rest.” he finished and then gave her dress a tug, pulling it down below her nipples which were as hard as rocks.

She let out a gasp and then a moan as she pushed her tits out and closed her eyes, “Oh David…” she said as she quickly dropped to her knees and her fingers raced to get his cock out from his pants.

Her lips wrapped around it and with what little room she had between him and the wall, she started to bob back and forth, eagerly sucking him all the way into her mouth.

* * *

David smiled down as Jen eagerly gave him a blowjob, the bitch had been on his ass for months to get the quite room, even though she knew they were desperate for office space.

“Fuck Jen, you’re a real good cocksucker aren’t you?” he set and took in a deep breath as he titled her head back and closed his eyes for a moment.

When he opened them again he let out a little chuckle as his specially designed glasses revealed the hidden writing on the wall, “Obey”.

He looked to his left to see the other corner’s text, “Slut”, and to the right, “Horny”. He knew the corner behind him held “Submissive”, without seeing it.

He looked back down at Jen and put his hand on her head and then pulled back, pulling his dick from her mouth that flapped like a fish out of water when he did.

“Get and up and turn around… I want to fuck that tight little pussy of yours…” he grunted and Jen shot up as soon as he lifted his hand from her forehead.

He stepped back to giver her some space and she pulled her dress up over her ass, turned around, spread her legs and placed her hands on the wall to support herself.

He stepped back in and slipped easily into her sopping wet pussy, eliciting a gasp and a moan from Jen, before he started to stroke hard and fast.

He reached forward and grabbed her hair and pulled it back a little, trying to get her to turn her head towards him, but her eyes were fixated on the wall and the text she couldn’t see.

Another chuckled escaped his lips, “Fine, they’ll be lots of time to see the look in your eyes while I fuck you.” he said and then gave her ass a little slap.

It was an impressive ass too, he was looking forward to see a lot more of it, but in all honesty, Jen was second prize. Debbie, the redhead with the massive tits, was the one he was waiting to finally succumb. He’d walked in on her “by accident” the other day and she’d still been pissed at him. Not as much as she would have been before spending so much time in the quite room, but more than he wanted to push his luck with.

Maybe another week or so, tops two, then she’d be ready.

He let out a grunt and released into Jen, her whole body convulsing as he did so and her face wedging into the corner as her arms lost all strength and her knees wobbled.

He couldn’t wait for the rest of the female staff to succumb to the room, then he could repaint it and add a whole new set of words to the wall, the possibilities were endless.