A hands on kind of leader...

Friday November 03, 2023

“I don’t know about this John… how much did this all cost?” Michelle asked as she stood in their living room.

It wasn’t like they couldn’t afford it, or that she didn’t want to try and rekindle the spark in the bedroom that they seemed to have lost recently… but even so, this was a little over the top.

“Not that much really… at least not as much as this.” he replied as he held up what looked like a TV remote and pressed a button.

Instantly her arms flew to her sides and she stood at attention, pushing her chest out. He pointed the device at her again and held down a button on it, a tightness formed her her chest and she felt her breasts ballon out until they actually came in to sight even with her eyes locked firmly straight ahead.

He let up and pressed another button and this time she felt her waist constrict along with the corset that she wore. When he let it up she could only imagine how constricted her waist was now.

He pressed a final button on the device and she felt her mind start to slip away, she tried to hold on to it, but it was like trying to grasp the wind, until finally there was nothing left.

“Fuck toy Michelle is ready for use Master.”

The old Michelle would have recognized her own voice, but the new fuck toy only waited for instructions as John got undressed.

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