So it’s been a while since I did a site update/stats post and you’re not getting one now either, at least mostly. I would normally have done one back in September/October, as I try and do one each quarter, but a few things delayed it so now I’m just going to push it to the year end post.

However there are a few things I wanted to touch on before the end of the years, so here we go.

New site features

Two new site features have been added over the last few months:

  • Likes for comments, which does exactly what it sounds like.
  • Random post menu item, which will display a random post from the site. This excludes the news category and pages (so no long forms stories either), but everything else is fare game.


I’ve completed daily posts up to the end of the year, yeah! That will put me at over 3500 posts on the site.

I also have First World Bimbo Problems up until the middle of June next year (which brings the total FWBP up to 300+).

Sexbot posts are trailing behind a little, but are complete through the end of March next year.


Writing longer form stories this year has taken a big hit, I still have two stories written waiting form me to edit them, but that’s only about 12k words. My goal of 50k seems unlikely, but now that the weather has turned colder, I’ll probably have some more time to write.

I do have several story ideas that I want to do, so we’ll see how that goes.

AI Images

I have not, and will not, be creating AI images for my captions/stories. I’ve used a couple of them for captions, but they’re just ones I found online.

Overall I think I’m in agreement with the idea that AI generated images (or writing) isn’t a good idea. It seems more like plagiarism than creativity at the moment.

As such, I’ll likely avoid using AI images in the future.


BDSMLR is getting worse, I don’t really know how much longer they’ll be around for, but I’m still posting there for now.

They seem to have easily fixable bugs that have been ongoing for months. For example, right now whenever I post an image there, I don’t see it (I don’t know if anyone else does, but a few of the people I follow have the same issue) and it’s just caused by an incorrect hostname in the URL of the image.

That seems like a trivial fix and is in fact a regressive bug as they had fixed it in the past and now it’s returned.

That kind of lack of basic system maintenance seems… problematic, to the long term viability of a site.


As always thanks for reading and all your feedback.