Abi giggled and spun around once with her tiny little skirt in her hands, “Do you like it?”

She grasped her hands behind her back and gave her tits a good shake before walked over to the man sitting in the chair and straddling his lap.

“Like, god, I just loved being a cheerleader in highschool! giggle I got to suck so many guys! And, like, if I let them fuck me they’d totally give me stuff, like clothes and shoes! giggle

She then pushed her tits into the mans face as he reached around and grabbed her ass.

“Oh baby! giggle moan squeeze my ass with your big strong hands!”

Abi wasn’t quite sure of his name… Jim? Kevin? Donny?

Eh, it didn’t matter, he was one of her regulars that came over and fucked her, leaving behind a nice little white envelope full of cash.

She shuffled back a bit and slide down his body a little so she could kiss him, their tongues intertwining, before sliding the rest of the way down so she could suck him off.

It didn’t take long until he was rock hard and she quickly took her panties off and turned around, lowering herself onto his dick. She slowly rocked her hips, sliding up and down, letting out a low moan as she did so, eventually speeding up.

“Give me a C!” she shouted, “Give me a U! Give me an M! What does that spell? CUM! What do I want? CUM! What do I need? CUM! What do I love? CUM!”

He grabbed her hips and slammed her down onto himself, then pulled her up and then slammed her down again.

“CUM! CUM! CUM! Give me all of your hot juicy CUM!” she cried out just as she felt the first spurt of his semen enter her pussy.

She squealed as her own orgasm crashed over her and eventually fell backwards on to his chest, where her wrapped his arms around her and bucked his hips, forcing his softening dick into her a last few times.

Abigail looked across the conference table with a scowl on her face, it was ridiculous! Her flesh eating lawyer should be tearing her soon to be ex-husband apart in court! Instead Abigail was sitting her alone, in some kind of mediation that she had no choice in, or so her lawyer told her.

She had to admit she’d been a little young and dumb when she’d signed the prenup, but even so, she’d assumed she’d be able to get out of it when the time had come. She’d had her fun in highschool, being the captain of the cheerleaders and homecoming queen. She’d only married him because of his family money and obvious fact that he was going to go far in the family business.

Across the table was Kevin, her husband, and at the head of the table, a man in a nicely pressed suit behind some kind of control panel, who was the mediator.

“Now then…” the mediator said, “let’s get started. Abigail, what are your concerns?”

Abigail let out a huff, “Kevin is a pervert that thinks a cheerleader is some kind of fetish and he hasn’t grown out of being a highschool dork!”

Kevin was about to object when the mediator held up his hand and waved him back. Abigail gave a little smile, maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

She looked back to the mediator with a question on her face, “Hey, what was the name of this place again?” she asked.

“Oh, this is the Perfect Divorce Service.”

She rolled her eyes, “What kind of discount company calls itself that?” she said with a huff and crossed her arms under her modest chest.

“Oh, the kind that is 100% guaranteed.” the mediator replied and pressed a button on the panel in front of him.

“Ouch!” Abigail shouted and then her head started to spin. Before blackness engulfed her she could just make out Kevin and the mediator standing up and shaking hands, both men chuckling as everything faded from her view.