Fuck, her head was pounding and things were hazy… where was she? What was going on?

She managed to focus her eyes and looked down at the deep blue fancy dress she was wearing, but that only caused more confusion.

“Hey Tammy, there you are.” a voice she almost recognized called from behind her.

She turned to see a strangely handsome man walking towards her. Strangely because she felt like he was handsome, but her head was telling her otherwise. He was old, fat, greasy, in an ill fitting suit, and mostly waddling towards her.

“I’m sorry… do I know you?” she managed to get out just as he arrived in front of her.

He let out a raspy chuckle and smiled, showing her his yellowed teeth, just as he took her hand into his own.

“Oh silly girl, of course you do!” he said and a tingle ran up her arm and branched in two. One branch went straight up her spin to her head and suddenly all the confusion and pain she had been feeling disappeared.

The other branch shot down to her pussy before rebounding up her spine again. When it hit her brain, the second jolt caused her eyes to go wide and a gasp to escape her lips.

“I’m your handler for the auction tonight, remember?” he asked as her head started to clear.

“Action?” she manged to get out.

“Yes, you agreed to be auctioned off… for… charity… remember?”

He was still holding her hand, the tingling was still there, but something in the deep recesses of her mind started to bubble up to the surface, “Oh… ah, yes… yes I remember.”

“Good, good. You remember how we discussed you should really lean in to your ‘Ice Queen’ reputation at work? Really put on a good show for everyone?” he asked.

Another memory bubbled up and her demeanor changed, her back stiffened and she looked down her nose at him, “Of course I do.” she replied in a snotty voice.

“That’s better Tammy. All those men out there that will be bidding on you know you as the bitchy CEO, that’s what they’re buying so you need to make sure they get what they’re paying for.”

She let out a huff in annoyance, “You don’t have to tell me how to be bitchy.” she replied.

“Perfect. Now of course that’s just the act that you’re putting on for the auction. Once you’ve been purchased… you’re going to be the sluttiest little whore you can imagine. Begging them to fuck you any way they want.”

A little shiver ran through her as he spoke and then she blinked, “Yes… yes of course. Once they own me, I’m their’s to do with as they please.”

“Perfect, now just one last thing. As a bitchy ice queen, that’s really a slutty whore, how do you like being fucked the most?”

She scrunched her forehead, trying to think of the answer, until it too bubbled up, “In… in the… in the ass, of course. I liked being fucked in the ass… hard, and fast, and deep.” she managed to get out and then she felt him let go of her hand and her knees almost went out from beneath her.

“Oh!” she exclaimed before getting her balance again and blinking several times.

“Hey, you’re going to be late if you don’t hurry back in there…” the man in front of her said.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” she spat at him and flicked an offending lock of hair from her face before walking past him, swaying her hips. It didn’t take her long to get back into the main area where there were several people up on a stage.

“300 thosaund… going twice… go three times… sold!” a man behind a podium on the stage called out through the PA system.

Beside him was standing a woman in a red dress, her jet black hair hanging down to her ass, a broad smile on her face as she made her way off stage and down to one person in particular in the crowd.

“That was Mia, CEO of Allegory Inc. Up next is Tammy, CEO of Jansen Technologies!” the announcer said and Tammy picked up her pace, quickly making her way onto stage.

Unlike Mia, her face was cold and placid, but she made sure to push her chest out and turned around, pausing to give everyone a good look at her ass, as the announcer continued to talk.

After all, it would never do to go for less than Mia, or any of the other CEO’s that would be auctioned off tonight.

“Do I have a starting bid of 200 thousand?” the announcer asked and Tammy watched several placards go up in the audience. She stopped herself from smiling as the price climbed higher and higher.