Sandra walked down the street just a few paces behind her owner without any real expression on her face. It was weird enough thinking that she had an owner but just thinking about what he’d done to her in these last few weeks was weirder still.

He’d bleached her body and hair to the point where there was almost no pigment left, she knew he had scheduled several more treatments and she was sure she’d be pigmentless by the time he finished. He’d also taken away her voice, she literally couldn’t speak any more. But the weirdest part was what he’d done to her bodies ability to feel, it was almost completely gone. Except for a few places, like her mouth, her nipples and her pussy.

Those were instead heightened, to the point that it was even hard just walking down the street without her pussy sending her into a fit of orgasms.

Her owner came to a stop and she did as well, he started talking to another man, a blonde woman behind him. The blonde was almost the complete opposite of Sandra. Golden blonde hair, sun kissed skin, bright makeup and a giant smile on her face.

Clearly she was property like Sandra.

It was still strange being property, having failed in society, never achieving the required minimum social score, she had been put up for auction on her 21st birthday.

Her processing had started a few months before that, just the basics though; a complete brainwash, basic reeducation, and of course a body reshaping to get her into some semblance of shape.

When her owner had won the auction and provided his additional processing requirements, they’d gotten to work on her and it was only a few weeks before she had been delivered to him.

“Sandra, step over her please.” her owner said and she stepped up beside him, just as the blonde had done beside her owner.

“As you can see, I’ve gone with a very… unique look for my doll. Though I can appreciate your more traditional Barbie look, is she your first?” her owner asked, waving his had towards the blonde.

“Yes, I was pretty particular on who I bid on, so it took a little longer for me to get the exact right girl. But I wasn’t in a hurry, and am quite satisfied with Lexi.” the other man said.

Both men talked for a while longer, but neither addressed Lexi or her again, so both women stayed silently beside their owners until they were done. The men shook hands and then started to walk away, and Lexi and Sandra resumed their positions a few feet behind them.