“Look who I found Master!” the caption under the photo said as I read the message from Rikki.

I quickly tapped out a reply, “You remember your instructions?”

“Like, of course Master! I won’t let her get away again!” came the reply.

Gina had been one of the first girls I’d used my reality engine on, taking her from the tame, friend, girl next door, to the drop dead gorgeous slut she was now.

Unfortunately, back then, I hadn’t really thought through everything, and just making her a total slut sounded good at the time, but kinda backfired. I hadn’t been long before I’d left her alone for a bit, and she’d encountered some other guy that she’d sucked or fucked, and wandered away with him.

I grabbed my sling back and headed out the door quickly to join Rikki on the beach, I recognized the peer in the background and they were only a five minute walk away.

I’d learned so much since Gina, and I had no fear of Rikki wandering off like she had. These days I made sure that the girls weren’t just sluts, but sluts for me only. That and a few other things ensure they always returned back to me even if they did wander off for a few hours.

After all, I’m not against sharing them with my neighbours or anyone else, but I do expect them to return once they’ve had their fun.

Gina and Rikki came into view and a smile crossed my face, I couldn’t wait to get my dick between those amazing tits I gave her. I might just have to upgrade Rikki, I wouldn’t want her to feel jealous or anything.