Kara leaned against the post of the temporary structure at the dig site and looked out over the busy area with a mixture of longing and disgust.

The busiest part of the dig was just down the hill from where she stood, Professor Robson was bloviating in front of a group of students as a camera crew recorded the entire thing.

Six months ago it would have been her down there in front of the cameras, giving a detailed dissertation on the dig site and all that it entailed. But that had been back when she and Processor Robson had been bitter rivals, scouring the world for the latest and greatest archeological finds.

Now Kara was nothing more than his assistant, his girl friday, running around and making sure everything was in order and he had everything he needed.

She mentally sighed, her hands unconsciously going to her hips where her twin pistols once sat, but long gone now. She doubted she could even hold the massive things any more, her hands were so much smaller than they had been. She certainly could hold them out in front of her running like she used to, her musculature was so much softer now.

Her mind drifted back to that fateful days as Professor Robson continued to speak.

Kara looked across to the temple through the tick forest, it’s ancient stone work weathered with age. She pushed a long lock of her jet black hair over her ear and then swatted away a bug that passed in front of her face.

“Bugger, those things are big.” he mumbled under her breath in her thick british accent.

She touch a another look to the right, then to the left, before dashing across the few dozen yards of open forest floor. Her long, strong, legs making short work of the distance. When she came to the temple, her hand touched the stone work of the door frame, then slipped down to the ancient dial that was a sort of combination lock.

She smiled, such a simple task to decode the hieroglyphics and unlock it.

Her smile faded as she looked closer, the thick crust on the dial had been disturbed already, the lock had been used recently.

“Bugger…” she managed to get out just as she heard a thwip from behind. She managed to move quickly enough to dodge the first dart, but the second landed firmly in her left ass cheek.

Before she could even reach around and pull it out, a third dart landed in her right ass cheek, and a fourth dart in her left thigh. It was only a matter of seconds before she collapsed to the ground, and as her vision faded she watched several native men come into view and surround her.

There was something a little off about them, she just managed to realize what as Reginald Robson pushed them to the side and smiled down at her. He towered over them, though he wasn’t all that tall himself, well below Kara’s own 5 foot 10 stature.

Reginald said something, but it was lost to the drug and everything turned black.

Kara’s head was pounding, though only partly from the headache caused by whatever native drug had been used on her, the rest was caused by the incessant thumping of the drums from all around her.

She managed to pry her eyes open to be confronted with a roaring bonfire, natives dancing around it, and across from it Reginald sitting in what was clearly’s the chief’s throne, several of the native women surrounding and fawning over him.

Her own seating arrangements were not nearly as… comfortable. Instead she was strapped onto some kind of wooden horse, her arms and legs tied to the legs of it, her head pulled back by her hair, and her body stripped of all her clothing.

“Reg… Reginald, what’s going on?” she managed to get out in a loud enough voice to his attention.

Reginald looked over at her and smiled, getting up from his seat and walking over to her.

“Welcome back to the land of the living Kara.” he said, a smug smile on hi face.

“I have good news, and good news… well at least for me.” he continued without waiting for her to reply.

“I’ve finally beat you to find, and I’m not going to every have to worry about that again!” he finished.

“What… what are you talking about? When I get out of this… I’m going to kick your ass all the way back home!” she almost shouted, the cobwebs starting to clear from her mind.

Reginald chucked a deep belly laugh, “Oh Kara, I almost regret that I can only tell you this and savour your expression once! You see this tribe has been hidden away in the south asian jungle for hundreds of years, they’re perfectly adapted to their habitat, which has caused them to be… smaller, than what we would consider normal, but has given the a great advantage here.”

Kara looked around and confirmed what she had thought at the temple, all the men and women seemed on the small side for modern humans.

“However, its not like this place is that well hidden that they haven’t had visitors once in a while. They’ve developed quite the unique way of dealing with unwanted guests, and this ceremony is part of it. The other part of it is… this.” Reginald said as he reached around behind him and grabbed up a large stone dildo that was behind him.

Kara’s eyes widened at the sight and she struggled against the ropes that bound her, “Don’t you dare!” she shouted out.

“Oh don’t worry Kara, it won’t be me that dares…” he said and handed it off to one of the natives that was standing beside him.

The native held the dildo up high and the crowd cheered as he did so. Kara noticed another native coming over to him, carrying a large bowl in front of him. When he arrived the first native placed the dildo into the bowl and then they both walked around behind Kara.

“Reginald… let me go now, this doesn’t have to go any farther…”

“Oh Kara, you have no idea how far this is going to go. You see that juice in the bowl isn’t just a lubricant, it’s recipe has been perfected over hundreds of years. It’s going to make you a whole new woman… one much more suitable for life in the tribe.” Reginald said and then laughed out loud as he took several steps back.

She struggled against her bonds again, but to no avail, then her eye went wide as some of the juice was spread across her sphincter, “No! NO! NOOOO!” she cried out as the cool stone dildo was pushed up against her asshole.

Then the drums stopped for a moment, the entire tribe took a collective breath, and a single drum beat rang out as the dildo was pushed deep into her ass.

Kara screamed, the tribe cheered, and Reginald clapped.

Kara could hardly move, the ropes holding her down had long ago loosened and dropped to the ground, but she hadn’t made any attempt to flee. Mostly because there had been no opportunity, she’d been held down by then men of the tribe that had come and fucked her pussy one at a time.

Once they had finished violating her, they hadn’t cum inside of her, but instead take up a position around her and cum all over her. Her hair was a matted mess of cum, her body was covered in it, and it had run down her arms and legs to form small pools under her.

It had taken hours for them to finish, and daylight was just starting to break through the trees as the sun rose.

She should have been feeling relief at it finally being over, but there were two problems with that. The first was that each and every time that they had come on her, she’d experienced a massive orgasm, and at some point during the night, she had grown to need them. The second problem was that Reginald had yet to visit her, and she knew he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to humiliate her in such a manner.

There was another “problem” as well, because while she was exhausted and hardly able to life an finger, she could tell things had changed. She could tell, even under the layers of cum, that her normally pale white skin was darker, ger arms were thinner and less muscular, and she was… smaller.

Just as she was about to try and dismount the wooden horse, one of the problems resolved itself, as Reginald came walking towards her.

“Reg… Reginald… please…” she managed to mumble out.

He let out a little chuckle before replying, “Why Kara, you’re looking… deflated.”

“Reginald…” she started to say but he just shook his head and continued talking over her.

“You know the best part of that juice Kara?” he asked but didn’t wait for a reply, and Kara only then realized the stone dildo was still in her ass.

“It’s not the fact that it’s taken almost 20% off your entire body, or that it’s given you the libido of a bitch in heat, or that it’s changed your appearance to fit in with the rest of the tribe. No it’s the last thing that it has yet to do…” he said and then undid his belt and dropped his pants.

Kara’s lips parted and she gasped at the sight of his dick, it wasn’t anything special, but her pussy was buzzing with need. To her surprise though, instead of going around behind her and fucking her pussy, or taking the dildo out and fucking her ass, he instead pushed the tip of his cock up to her lips and let her suck in.

“…and that is bond you to me. You see you’re going to be addicted to the cum of whoever fills your belly with it first, and a you may have noticed, not a single native let you taste their cum all night long.”

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, Kara could hear and understand what Reginald was saying, but it didn’t matter. The only though at the top of her mind was her desperate need to suck his cock, and so she did. Harder, longer, and deeper than she’d ever sucked any cock.

The orgasm that came as he cum flowed down her throat dwarfed any that she’d experienced that night, and she knew she would do anything to experience it again.

Kara’s daydream left a smile on her lips as she watched Professor Robson finish up the TV interview and start walking back towards her.

She’d tried to run away a few times after that first taste of his cum, she’d even managed to stay in the jungle for a few hours once, but she always seemed to go around in a circle and arrive back at the village before too long.

They stayed in the village for a few weeks, until all the fight was gone from her, then they’d headed back to civilization. He’d resumed his work at the university and brought her on as his assistant, directing her to take on a whole new wardrobe and style, even having her dye her hair blonde.

He liked her in cute little outfits that were reminiscent of her adventuring days, but that showed off a lot of skin. Today’s outfit was one of his favorites.

The sound of his footsteps coming up the makeshift stairs brought a smile to her face, “Hello Professor Robson.” she said and her nipples hardened just being close to him.

“Kara, how did I do?” he asked.

“Oh very good Sir, you remembered all the points I put in your notes.” she replied, she’d spent hours last night writing up the notes for him.

She turned and opened the door so they could walk into his “tent”, then closed it behind them. As soon as they were far enough in so that no one could see them, Kara dropped to her knees, tilted her head back and stuck her tongue out.

“Professor, may I suck your cock now?” she asked.

He chuckled and nodded, she quickly undid his pants and fished his dick out, taking between her lips and sucking eagerly on it.

“Show me those tits Kara.” he said and her fingers reached up and undid the single button that held her top together, then slipped it from her shoulders and pushed her chest out as best she could.

“God, I can’t wait to get back to London. I’ve got the best plastic surgeon in the country lined up to give you back those fantastic tits you used to have, probably even bigger and better honestly.”

Kara pushed her tits together as she sucked, it was true, her tits used to be much larger. The native juice had shrunk everything about her, she was well under five feet tall now, and she’d lost one, maybe two cup sizes.

Something in the back of her mind knew that she shouldn’t want it, but it was impossible to ignore the simple fact that if the Professor wanted her to have big fake tits, well, she wanted to have big fake tits. Because that meant he’d fuck her even more often and give her the only thing she really wanted now… his cum.