Lacy looked at the FuturePic and wanted to throw up.

There was no way this was what her life would be like in five years, nor ever!

She ran her hand through her short multi-coloured hair, and then tossed her phone onto he desk. She fumed and stalked around the office, making several laps of the nearly deserted workspace, before coming back to her cubical and plopping her ass back in her chair.

She crossed her arms under her small chest, before picking up her phone again and unlocking it with a huff.

It wasn’t like she was fat, sure she had a few pounds from college she’d never manager to get rid of, but the FuturePic made her look downright obese in comparison!

And those tits! There just wasn’t another word for the two round globes that were plastered onto the chest of the woman in the photo.

She fiddled with her engagement ring as she zoomed in and out of the photo several times, studying every pixel of it to try and figure out what was going on.

Eventually she just locked her phone and got back to work.

“Look Lacy, I know it’s hard, but it’s just not going to work out.” Dan her fiance said, or apparently now her ex-fiance.

He was holding up his phone in front of her face, a picture of himself and another woman on it, arm in arm as they kissed. Matching wedding bands on their fingers.

It was the FuturePic that he had received earlier that day, just like she had. The FuturePic’s had been an engagement present from his parents to them, which had quickly become the custom once the technology had proven foolproof.

Lacy stared at the woman, there wasn’t anything particularly special about her, in fact she looked remarkable like Lacy all things considered. Well, except for her chest… she was significantly larger than Lacy was there.

Lacy frowned and anger welled up inside of her… how could he dump her over some floozy with a big set of tits?

Something deep inside of her snapped and she vowed she’d show him, and then she stormed out of the living room and slammed the bedroom door behind her.

She tossed herself on the bed and unlocked her phone, intending to send all her friends the bad news. Instead, as soon as her phone unlocked, her FuturePic stared her right in the face and her stomach sank.

She whimpered a little, knowing now that, as always, the FuturePic was spot on. She’d spend the next five years becoming the big titted blonde in the picture. The only redeeming part of it was that she was obviously sending her ex-fiance a revenge photo and she couldn’t wait to feel the satisfaction of it.