“Hey babe, how’s the game coming?” Don asked as his girlfriend sat in front of the TV, her thumbs firmly on the joysticks of the controller she was holding.

Debbie sat the controller down and slipped her headphones down around her neck before picking the controller up again, half looking at the screen, half looking at him.

“What?” she asked as her eyes darted between him and the game.

“I asked how the game was?” he repeated himself.

“Ok, ah, alright… it’s really… engaging.” she replied and then her eyes went to the game again.

He nodded, “Hey, ah, what are you wearing?” he asked.

Debbie rolled her eyes and stood up, setting the controller down and pausing the game. She stepped to the side of the chairs she had been sitting in and took a pose holding one of the long blue-green pigtails that streamed from her head and made a peace sign with her other hand.

“This is Bluey Babe from the game. She’s a hyper-sexualized character from the game that uses her body to get what she wants.” Debbie replied and then put her hands behind her back and pushed her tits out.

“Really. She’s you’re favorite character then?”

Debbie rolled her eyes again and gave a little exasperated gasp, “Well of course. I wouldn’t have dressed up as her if she wasn’t.”

Done smiled and nodded, “Good. Good. I’m glad you’re really getting into the game.”

“Cool, can I get back to playing now?” she asked.

“Sure.. sure, just, ah, one last thing… Attack pose number 3.” Don said and Debbie blinked several times as a shiver ran over her body.

Bluey Babe smiled and held her hands at the side of her face, “You’re in trouble now! You won’t defeat my attack pose number three!”

She wiggled her tits and then dropped to her knees, quickly moving in to strike, her fingers unzipping her opponents pants and her lips wrapping around his weapon before he could counter attack.

Debbie was literally under an avalanche of research in the university library when her boyfriend Dan tracked her down.

“Oh come on, not again!” Don exclaimed as she came into sight.

Debbie turned pushed up her glasses that had started to slide down her nose, then looked up at his disappointed face. She quickly reached down and pick up her phone that she’d sat facedown by accident.

“Oh shit… I’m sorry Don…” she replied, seeing the stream of missed messages.

She quickly set the pile of books on her lap to the side and uncrossed her legs, standing up and walking towards him. They were supposed to have a Netflix and chill night at home, but she’d completely lost track of time and it was only when she stood up she realized the sun was up.

She did her best to calm him down, to sooth his anger, but in the end she’d had to do something she’d been avoiding for months, and agree to try out the game he was working on as his year end comp-sci project.

She suppressed a sigh, she really wasn’t a gamer, even though he was, and she had no interest in the anime inspired game he’d written, but she could put up with playing it for a few hours.

After all, what was the worst that could happen?