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Wednesday December 13, 2023

Bimboton is a small town with a big phramcutical company, BioBim, in it. Since BioBim arrived Bimboton has undergone many changes, for the better, so at least the men would say.

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Genie trotted across the road, apologizing for holding me up, as I sat on my bicycle and smiled. Bimboton was a great town to live in.

At least if you were a guy… you know on second thought, it was if you were a girl too. I’d never seen an unhappy girl in the town, they were always smiling and cheerful and friendly to everyone.

It had all started a few years ago, when the town was pretty much bankrupt, most of the businesses had left the downtown core as the big box stores took over, and then those same big box stores had gone out of business as online shopping had decimated them.

The town council was desperate for new tax revenue and so when the big multinational pharmaceutical company BioBim had come looking to setup a new research and development “community”, the council had jumped at the opportunity.

So what if they had to revoke some of their old regulations to let the company have more freedom on what it was doing? Or let the company take over some of the traditional government roles, like trash collection, the water supply, or other things?

A few on the council had balked at it, but money greased at lot of squeaky wheels and soon an influx of new people started coming to town. By the time the company “suggested” the name change, well, there weren’t many people to argue.

The men on the council had pretty secretaries, paid for by BioBim of course, and the women on the council… well, let’s just say they were far more amenable to just about anything by that point.

It was the same with most of the townfolk, some had been disgusted at the changes that were happening and had left, the rest were either fine with it, or in no position to argue with it.

“Hey Genie, how’s your jogging going?” I called out as Genie got back on to the side walk.

She turned her head and smiled at me, “Like, oh my god, so well! giggle

“That’s great, how far are you up to?” I asked.

“Uhm… like…” she started to reply and then began counting something on her fingers as she mouthed the words, “…two laps around the block! giggle

“That is great. Why don’t you drop by my place after your done. I’ve got a nice cold jug of lemonade in the fridge.”

She squealed and held her balled up hands beside her tits as she shook them, “OH MY GAWD YES!”

We parted ways as she jogged in one direction and I biked in the other. I really wasn’t much of a bicyclist, but even I could see the benefits of it in Bimboton.

I turned the corner and caught sight of Debbie, a stacked redhead, doing yoga on her front lawn. A little farther down the street was Heather, a drop dead gorgeous brunette in a yellow sun dress doing her gardening. An finally before I returned home, was Lilly, a pink haired bikini clad girl sunbathing on her porch.

All of the girls smiled and waved at me as I went by, and I returned the gesture each time.

Just as I was pulling into my driveway I caught sight of Genie coming around the end of the block. It would take her a few minutes to get all the way here, and she might only be on her first lap, but I was pretty sure she’d be stopping even if she was.

Because while I did in fact have lemonade in the fridge, I knew what Genie really wanted, even more than getting herself into perfect bimbo shape, was a nice hard cock to slide between her tits. And I just happened to have one of those at the ready.

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