“Hey girls, how was the shopping trip?” I asked as the two blondes and one brunette came into the living room where I was sitting watching TV.

“Oh my god, it was great!” the shorter blonde Linda, my ex-wife, replied.

Well I guess she was technically still my wife, she’d never gone through with the divorce, though she really didn’t act much like she used too.

“Amazing! I can’t wait to go again! giggle” Terri, the brunette replied and gave her tits a little shake.

She had been my wife’s divorce attorney, and a man-eating one at that.

“It was great! Do you like my new dress?” Lexi, the taller blonde said as she moved her long hair to the side to show off the sparkly dress that her tits were squeezed into.

Lexi had been my mistress that I’d been cheating on Linda with.

Now the three of them were best friends and did everything, and I mean everything, together. Last night I’d been banging Lexi’s tight little pussy as Lexi had been eating out Terri, and Linda and been sucking on Terri’s tits.

Terri was all about her tits now, she’d already had one boob job, and was eagerly waiting until she could have her next. Lexi was so focused on her pussy that very little else mattered, as long as she had a cock in it she’d let anyone do anything else they wanted to her.

Linda though, well, Linda was only focused on her ass. And unlike Terri and Lexi, Linda didn’t need just anyone to pay attention to them, she needed me to. More specifically she needed my cock in her ass.

It was the only thing I’d had changed about her, unlike Terri and Lexi, who had both had major overhauls of their minds. Linda was, well, still Linda… just with one little change.

She hadn’t believed me at first, storming out of the room when I’d told her that her trip to the spa had been anything but a relaxing week away. That instead it had reshaped her mind and she was now hopelessly addicted to my cock.

She lasted three whole days before coming back and trying to rationalize why she was there to me. I’d let her talk for hours before finally just bending her over the couch and fucking her ass. Her orgasm had been so intense that it had taken her over a half hour to recover from it. She’d run out of the room that day as well, in shame.

That shame had kept her away for an entire week, but when she returned she’d begged me to fuck her ass again. Told me she’d do anything I wanted, be anyone I wanted.

I’d told her to come back the next day in the sexiest outfit she could find, and if I was satisfied with it, then she’d get what she wanted.

To be honest, it hadn’t been all that sexy, just a tight little dress I’d seen her in before, but without any bra or panties. I’m not a particularly cruel man, so I’d taken pity on her and fucked her anyway.

It was a few weeks later, after telling her exactly how I wanted her to act, both in public and in private, that I’d brought Terri and Lexi into the mix. She’d been nervous at first, but it only took a few session with Terri’s tits in her face, Lexi’s tongue on her pussy, and my cock in her ass, for her to come around.

After that Linda had become the leader of the pack, eager to be with her new best friends and do all the girly things they wanted to do. Spa days, salon trips, shopping at the mall, makeup, dress up, shoe shopping, whatever.

“Linda, come over here for a moment.” I said and patted my lap, Terri and Lexi taking the hint headed back to their bedroom for what I was sure was going to be another make out session.

Linda wiggled her ass over and sat down on my lap just as I muted the TV and then set the control on the table beside me. I picked up a manila folder with a pen clipped to it as I snaked my left arm around her waist and rested my hand on her ass.

I handed the folder to her and a confused looked crossed her face, “Open it, read it.” I said encouragingly.

Confusion turned to concern, which turned to surprise and then finally fear, as she read the document inside and her lower lip began to quiver.

“Sign it.” I said and her eyes darted between me and the paper.

“But… but…” she started to protest but saw no give in my face.

She let out a large sigh as her shoulders slumped and her fingers unhooked the pen and signed the papers.

“Good girl Linni. Now in a few days you’re going to have to go before a judge and tell him all about why you want to change your name legally. I’m sure you’ll come up with a great explanation and be very convincing about it, won’t you?”

Linni nodded her head in defeat as she closed the folder and handed it back to me.

“Good, now go join Terri and Lexi and tell them all about your new name and how much you love it. I’ll come and join you in a little while, I’m very much looking forward to christening Linni’s ass.”

Linni’s face lit up with excitement and she jumped up and almost ran down the hallway squealing.

It wasn’t long before all three were squealing, then moaning, the screaming in ecstasy as they brought each other to orgasm after orgasm.

Which was a good thing as the three of them really wore me out otherwise, it was bad enough having to fuck at least one of them every few days, but if I’d had to do all three… well, I wasn’t that young any more.

I chuckled as I stood up and headed to the kitchen to get a quick snack before heading to the bedroom and keeping my promise to Linni.