“You’re joking right?” Caroline said as she looked over her shoulder to the well dress gentleman that she was playing with.

A smile that seemed to defy the laws of physics it was so bright flashed across his face, “Oh no, I’m quite serious Caroline.” he replied with a smoothness and confidence that made Caroline doubt herself just a little bit.

“So let me get this straight… you’re the devil, and you’re offering to make me a famous golfer… for my soul?”

“Yes, exactly.” he replied.

Caroline cocked an eyebrow even higher than it had been, he seemed very… honest? Would Satan be honest? She shook her head and tried to get even the idea of entertaining the silly notion out of her head.

“I know… you’ve been told so many terrible things about me. Some of them are true of course, but most are not. I get a bad rap usually, God doesn’t like sharing very much.” he continued as he shrugged his shoulders.

There was something deep inside of her that wanted to run away, but she’d been trying to get on the pro golf tour for the last several years and her time was running out, so another, louder part, wanted to believe him.

“Let’s say for a moment… that I believe you… what exactly would this deal entail?”

“Oh don’t worry, there’s no blood right or signatures required, just a meeting of the minds, if you will. I’ll make sure you get on the tour this year, are successful, famous, and rich. In return, when you depart this mortal realm, your soul will belong to me… in hell.”

“Hell?” she replied with a half gulp.

“Oh yes, hell, but don’t worry too much about it. It’s not like you’re going to be tortured for eternity or anything, that’s reserved for those that don’t make deals with me. Your afterlife will be quite… comfortable, and far more interesting that going upstairs to boot.”

“Alright… but how will I know you are who you say you are?”

The man smiled again, “Perhaps a small display of my power? How long would you say this hole is?”

Caroline turned and looked down the fairway, she’d playing it many times, “It’s probably playing 475 from here.” she replied.

“A little too far for a hole in one wouldn’t you say?”

She gave a little snort, “Yea… just a little.”

“Well, why don’t you tee up and give it a go.”

He eyebrow returned to it’s high position and then she shrugged her shoulder, bent over and tee’d up a ball. A couple of practice swing and then she gave it an easy swing.

As soon as her club came into contact with the ball she watched it launch off her club face with incredible speed and hight. She tracked the ball as it flew into the air, down the fairway and right at the pin. The pin shook with the force of the ball as it landed in the heart of the cup, and high pitched sound of the fiberglass pole reverberated back to them.

“Holy shit…” she said without thinking.

“Not quite holy…” Satan replied and Caroline knew that they had just had the meeting of the minds he had referred to earlier.

Caroline smiled as the photographer snapped another photo as seh walked from the practice area and towards the tee block.

Satan had been true to his word and she’d made it onto the tour and she’d already won two tournaments!

There were a few… changes, that she hadn’t expected and wasn’t sure if they were his doing or not. Changes like her new found confidence in her outfits.

The tight little two piece she was wearing today only just conformed to the new dress code the tour had implemented recently. She would never have been caught dead in such an outfit just a few months ago, but now she was completely comfortable in it, even with the cameras going off and her image been splashed all over the Internet.

There were some other, less noticeable, changes too. Like her increased libido, and a newfound adventurous side in bed, but they were manageable… mostly.

She heard her name being called at the tee block and quickened her pace, arriving just in time to tee off for another tournament where she was in the hunt.

“Fuck!” Caroline cried out and tossed her phone onto the couch of hotel room.

On the display the headline screamed back at her, “Rising golf star drops down!”

below it was the photo that was spreading across the internet, her kneeling in front of a guy, clearly giving him oral, between holes in her last tournament.

Her “needs” had gotten worse all year long, and after she’d had to wait 20 minutes between holes, they’d overpowered her. She’d found, or at least thought she had, a out of the way part of the course and dragged one of her fans there to… well, get some relief.

She sighed and flopped onto the bed, then her phone rang, she didn’t answer it she already knew it would be the tournament director for this weekends stop kicker her from the lineup.

Instead she rolled over and closed her eyes, her fingers slipping into her pants as she needed to relieve some stress, and distract herself from the mess that was her life.

Caroline smiled and looked over her shoulder at the three guys that she was playing with, they were from her fansonly page and had paid quite a bit of money to play the round with her.

It was strange, she’d thought her life would be over with the implosion of her golf career, but it was the exact opposite that had happened.

She was more famous now than when she’d been on the tour, she made more money, and she could suck or fuck any guy she wanted to in public.

She turned back to her golf back and put her club away, she was still a world class golfer and was picking these three apart easily. She found it was better to humiliate them as completely as she could on the course, that way when they all got back to their hotel room, they wouldn’t hold anything back.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her at the thought of having all of her holes filled at once.

This group was a little shy and wasn’t going to let her stream it to her other fans, but she could live with that, there were others that did, and she had another round booked later that week that would.

Caroline walked into the golf course, her tits hanging half out, her ass wiggling from side to side, heading to the pro shop to get signed in for her round.

She wasn’t playing with anyone, she still enjoyed playing golf and so she made sure to get a few solo rounds in each month.

“Hi Caroline.” the shop pro said with a smile and a stare at her cleavage.

“Hey Jimmy, I’ve got a 10am booked.”

He managed to take his eyes off her tits and checked her in, “Yep… I’ve got it right here.” he replied.

Then his forehead scrunched a little, “How bad is it? Who have they got me with?” she said, knowing that look all too well.

“Oh, ah, well… I’m not sure, it’s just listed two guests.” Jimmy replied.

She rolled her eyes a little, well, as long as they didn’t get too star struck she was sure it would be fine.

Twenty minutes later she rolled up to the tee box, where another cart was waiting.

She hopped out and approached the cart and starter, only to do a double take as a well dressed man stepped out of the drivers side of the cart and turned to her with a dazzling smile.

“Well hello Caroline, it’s been a while.” Satan said and stretched out his hand.

Dumbfounded, she took it and shook it, all the while her mind trying to catch up and form some words to say.

“This is my friend Dan.” Satan said and for the first time Caroline looked at the passenger in the cart. He was a few years younger than her but well dressed.

“A… a pleasure to meet you Miss Conners.” Dan replied and extended his own hand, she could see it shaking just a little with nerves.

She manged to get her head on straight and smile, taking Dan’s hand and shaking it as well.

“The pleasure is mine Dan… and please, call me Caroline.”

Dan blushed and nodded, and for some reason that turned Caroline on quite a lot.

Caroline was kneeling down, Dan’s cock in her mouth as she pushed him up against a tree and sucked like her life depended on it.

It was only the 7th hole, but she hadn’t been able to keep it in any longer, she needed to suck a cock and she’d be damned if she was going to suck off Satan. Well, technically she was damned, but she still wasn’t going to do it!

Instead, she’d flirted with Dan, who seemed a little shy, until she’d decided enough was enough and just taken things into her own hands. And by things she meant his dick, through his pants, and pulled him into the trees.

It didn’t take long to suck every last drop of cum from his body, and when she had, she felt more satiated than she had for as long as she could remember.

“Baby, I want to lick your cock and play with your balls so badly!” Caroline said as she squatted on the practice green, a driver in one hand she licked slowly, while she played with two golf balls in her other hand.

Dan was watching from the side of the green, it was his house, well their house now really.

After that round with Dan and Satan, she’d been unable to find anyone to satisfy her like Dan had, and soon it was her that was chasing after him.

It didn’t take long for Dan to turn from the shy, innocent guy she’d blown on the golf course, to a controlling and demanding alpha man.

It was all Satan’s fault of course, Dan was an up and coming politician, someone Satan clearly wanted a piece of. Dan wanted a piece of Caroline, and so the circle was complete.

Not that Dan treated her badly or anything, quite the opposite. He treated her like a queen, making sure she had everything she could want. It was just that she was doing the same, so when it became obvious that he liked big tits… and really big tits at that, well, she’d eagerly gone and gotten some.

She’d moved in a few months after that, and now just a year later they were married.

She’d given up her fansonly work, it wasn’t like she needed the money anyway, and even if she did, well Dan came from old money, so that wasn’t really a problem.

Likewise, in public at least, she presented herself as a upright conservative woman, decrying her old debaucherous self. In private… well that was a whole other matter.

Dan walked over to her and parted his housecoat, she dropped the driver and balls and quickly took up his driver and balls, eagerly licking it from base to top.

Minutes later he was fucking her face, holding on to her pigtails, her tits jostling out of her top, but the only thing she could think of was how much she missed playing golf.

Dan still played, but her tits were too big now and got in the way. That and the fact that she couldn’t make it through more than a couple of holes without jumping Dan.

Dan’s cum flowed in to her mouth and eager swallowed it, her orgasm crashing over her as it snaked it’s way down into he tummy. She fell backwards and splayed out on to the artificial green, a smile across her lips.

A thought crossed her mind as she came down from her orgasmic high, she wondered if this was what hell was going to be like. So close to the thing you love to do, but never being able to do it.

Her fingers caressed the driver lying beside her and she let out a sigh. If it was, it wouldn’t be that bad she guessed, after all, it wasn’t like the devil had made her do any of it.