Linda stood at the corner of her office building waiting for her car service to arrive, they were running late due to some kind of traffic problem. She was definitely going to have words with them about their tardiness even if it wasn’t their fault.

She tapped her foot and ran her finger over her ear and through short black hair, then brushed away a bit of fluff that had settled on the shoulder of her dark blue suit jacket, just as she noticed some kind of commotion down the street.

People seemed to be running into poles and bumping into each other as they stared across the street. Just as her eyes started to drift to where they were looking, a man blocked her view.

He was young, early twenties at the most, acne still on his pale white face, and he had the widest, dumbest smirk she’d ever seen, like he was about to burst out in a laughing fit.

“Hey.” he said, clearly addressing her.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, not even bothering to respond, instead focusing back on her phone and her approaching ride.

It didn’t dissuade him and he instead just continued on, “You look expensive… how much?”

Her head popped up at the insinuation, her hand flew towards that silly smirk, but stopped suddenly, and for the first time noticed the slight glow all around him.

He lifted his finger up in front of his face and gave it a waggle, “Nugh, ugh, ah.” he said and then everything changed.

Her suit stretched and shifted colour, parting in the middle. Her tits firmed up and rose up on her chest, growing larger. Her ass exploded as her hair flowed down over her shoulders.

She blinked several times and then placed her hand on her hip and smiled.

“Not that expensive baby… I’m sure a handsome guy like you can afford it.” Loulou replied, pushing her tits out and giving her ass a little shake.

“I don’t know… I was just kinda curious about the cost…” he said and his head swiveled to his left and he looked down the sidewalk, losing interest in her.

“Baby, it’s just $100 for a blowjob… and your kinda cute… I’ll even let you fuck my titties if you want.”

“Nah… that’s ok…” he said as he started to walk away.

Loulou pouted and called after him, “Come on baby… $50?” she called after him but he kept walking.

“Please baby… $20… and you can fuck me too!” be he was gone and she’d lost another client. How was she ever going to explain that to her pimp?

She really had to stop thinking she was worth more than they were willing to pay, she’d start at $20 next time for sure.

She turned and looked across the street, there was a man there staring at her and she smiled and waved at him.

“Hey baby! See anything you like?” she called out and shook her tits at him.

“Maybe… how much?” he called back at her.

She hesitated for only a moment and then smiled and replied, “20 bucks, and you can do whatever you want to me baby.”

The man’s eyebrows raised and he make a quick check of the street before he crossed.

Loulou let out an excited “Yes!” under her breath as he approached and she knew her new strategy was definitely going to work. There was no way she’d scare off any more clients by overpricing herself.