Kaede was on display in the front foyer for two reasons… well more than two, but two that were important at the moment. The first was that she was the newest, the second was that she had the farthest to go.

There were a dozen other women on display in the house, the next one was by the stairs, another in the living room, another in the den. Scattered about, each one had a purpose, her’s was to be a garment rack, taking whatever wan’t needed to holding it until it was.

The real reason she was here though was because she’d caught his eye. She’d be waitressing at a restaurant a few states over when he’d come in, she’d smiled and provided him her usual superb service that she gave all her guests.

When she came around for the last time and asked if there was anything else he needed, he’d slipped into her mind and then they were walking out together.

In his car on the way back he’d gone into her mind many times; rearranging things, deleting things, adding things, until she wasn’t sure what were her thoughts and which ones he’d added.

That was part of the problem, even if she had wanted to “escape” to go back to her old life, she couldn’t actually tell you where that life was. She new it was another state, but she had no idea what state, how far away it was or even if Kaede was her real name.

She certainly believe that it was her name, but she knew that belief could easily be false. For example Fifi, the french maid that roamed around the house in the skimpy black and white outfit, speaking in a horrible french accent, truly believed that she was from France. But if you picked at her memories just a little, she’d tell you that she could remember growing up in Minnesota, with that stereotypical accent of the mid-west.

No matter how many times Fifi remember that, a moment later if you asked her where she came from, she’d simply answer France in the terrible accent and smile.

The rest of the problem was, of course, that she didn’t want to escape, but in fact wanted the exact opposite. She wanted to get closer to his bedchamber. That was where the woman on top of the heap resided, right next to him, eagerly serving his every whim and desire.

The thought sent a chill through Kaede’s body, goosebumps forming as her nipples hardened. She tried to keep herself calm, to let the thought wash over and through her, but it was hard, the desire was soon strong.

When it finally passed she approached the thought of Kimmy carefully, from the side, trying not to tie it to him. Kimmy was the stereotypical blonde, well that wasn’t quite right, unless by typical you mean an exaggerated porn fantasy of a teenage.

Her tits were bigger than her head, her waist was so tiny that he could easily fit his hands around it, her ass was perfectly heart shaped, her legs impossibly long, and her face… her face… was that of an angel.

That face had stopped many visitors in their tracks, the puffy lips, the big bright eyes, the button nose, all framed by a mass of curly blonde hair that seemed to defy gravity. Not that other parts of her body didn’t defy gravity as well though.

Kaede inwardly sighed, she had so far to go to get anywhere near being in competition with Kimmy. Fortunately Kaede did have a few things going in her favour. The first was that, like any man, new and shiny was often more attractive than what they’d know for a long time… and Kimmy had been at the top of the heap for quite a while from what the others said.

Second, while she had access to the same gym equipment and surgical options that Kimmy and all the rest did, he knew that none of them had the level of commitment to do what was required to get to the bedroom that she did.

She wa already spending as much of her free time at the gym as she was allowed to, and she’d started her corset training already. Next week she had an appointment with the doctor to discuss her first set of surgeries… the first of many.

Kaede didn’t know how long it would take… months, more likely years, but she knew one day she’d be the living sex doll in the bedroom and she couldn’t wait for that day to arrive.