Bimboton is a small town with a big phramcutical company, BioBim, in it. Since BioBim arrived Bimboton has undergone many changes, for the better, so at least the men would say.

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Kelly crossed her feet, one in front of the other, in an exagurated way as she walked down the sidewalk. Unable to contain her smile she parted her lips and looked to the side as she clasped her hands behind her back for a moment and then came to a stop beside her neighbour Roy.

“Hi Roy!” she said as she touched his arm and her whole body tingled.

Why was she acting like a schoolgirl with a crust on her teacher! She had graduated univeristy three years ago at the top of her class and just recently had come back to… Willmaton, god she’d never call it Bimboton, and taken over as vice-principal at the local elemnetary school.

Roy smiled at her and she almost melted on the spot, “Hey Kelly, how are you settling in?”

“Oh just peachy Roy! giggle

‘Stop that!’ she childed herself mentally, just because he was a man… a handsom man… god such a handsom man… with a dick between his legs… a dick that she really wanted to get down on her knees and settle into sucking.

She mentally shook her head, trying to get the thought of Roy’s dick out of her mind.

“That’s good to hear, you’ve certainly gotten a lot more… confortable, since you moved in.” he replied.

He was talking about her dress of course, and her hair, and her walk. She’d always been so conservative in her dress and manerissums throught school and her work, but something about Bimbot… Willmaton, just seemed to get under her skin and make her loosen up a little more each day.

“Oh yeah, it’s just so easy going here… I hardly recognize the town any more.” she replied and laughed a little as she rubbed his upper arm.

It was true, the town was unrecognizable form when she’d grown up her. Women walked around in slutty outfits, their boobs and butts jiggling with each step. Men were more confident, groping women in public with their full consent.

“Hey, I’m having a little get together on the week with the neighbours on the other side of my house, do you want to come over and join in on the fun?”

She lips moved before she even thought of a response, “Oh my gosh yes! But, with the other neighbours there how am I even going to have any fun sucking your cock?”

She realized what she’d said immedietly and her face turned bright red as he hand clapped over her mouth.

“I’m sorry… I have to go…” she mumbled through her hand and quickly moved away from Roy, who was just smiling like an idiot at her.

“Hey… ah… you could come over some other time… if you wanted to…” he called out behind her but she stayed focused on walking straight ahead, back to her house, where should could lock herself away and never leave again.

At least that was what she wanted to do, she knew she’d see Roy again, and soon. Not this weekend, she’d be able to avoid him for the next couple of day at least and then she’d be back at work next weeek, so she wasn’t exactly sure when, but she did know two things for sure.

She really did want to suck his cock, and it was going to be a lot of fun when she did.