“Please Roger… don’t do this…” Annabel pleaded as she kelt on the bed, her ass up in the air and Roger coming out of the bathroom.

She’d know he was a bastard when she’d married him, but he was rich and she thought she could control him enough not to worry about it. She had been dead wrong though, he wasn’t just a bastard, he was a fucking bastard, but she only found that out too late.

They’d been married for almost a year, well past the point of consummating the union socially and legally, when she’d decided to start pushing back a little. Just little things at first, giving him a blowjob instead of sex, wearing slightly less sexy outfits, not working out quite so much, letting her roots start to show a bit.

He’d pointed out each and every time she did it, not letting anything slip past him, but she continued until it came to a head. They’d gotten into a fight one night when he wanted sex and she said no, she’d left their bedroom and slept in a spare room that night and afterwards Roger had been cold to her.

In some ways she had been relieved to have it finally out in the open, and a few days later Roger seemed to come around as well. He’d apologised, and been more attentive to her needs, and after a few weeks, even suggested an island vacation.

She’d agreed, knowing they spend a week or two in some tropical resort that would cater to her every whim and desire. When they arrived, it had seemed that was exactly what was going to happen, the staff was eager and helpful, the resort was beautiful, and the beach stunning.

Unfortunately, when she’d woken up the next morning Roger wasn’t in bed with her, and she wasn’t even in the same bed as she’d gone to sleep in. Instead of some five star suite, she was in a stark white room, strapped down to a gurney, with monitors to her left and right.

She’d pulled against the straps to no avail and then screamed at the top of her lungs.

Attendants had come into the room, she’d refused to stop screaming, so they’d gagged her and left her alone once more. A while later, a doctor had come in and checked on her, then left as well. The third person to come in carried several IV bags with them and by the time he was done, she was losing conciousness once more.

When she woke up the next time, her restraints and gag were gone, so she’d tried to stand up, but her body had refused to move. She’d sat there for quite a while until a Doctor had come in an explained what they’d done.

It was a small microchip that had been installed at the base of brain, it intercepted signals from her brain to her body and could alter them. In effect, they now had complete control of her body, but that wasn’t its limit either. It could create signals to her brain, letting them influence what she felt from her body.

Over the coming days, they used both aspects to break her.

She’d returned home just a few hours ago, a new woman, both physically and mentally. While they’d been breaking her the implant had been working her body, returning it to, and surpassing the best shape of her life. Mentally she knew she would never deny Roger anything again, that she couldn’t.

Roger walked up behind her and grabbed her ass, a wave of pleasure coursing through her at his touch, the chip making it feel like he was rubbing her clit just at his simple touch.

“Oh god! Oh god!” she cried out.

He raised his hand up and gave her ass a good hard slap and a small orgasm crashed over her, a gurgling sound was all she could make.

She felt his hand take hold of her hips and pull her backwards, her legs falling off the side of the bed so her ass was right at the edge. He spread her ass cheeks and pushed his thumb up against her sphincter.

“So ‘Analbel’, tell me what you don’t want me to do.” Roger said sarcastically.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Oh god Roger, please, don’t fuck my ass!” she cried out as she looked over her shoulder at him, wild desire in her eyes.

Roger chuckled and then moved his thumb to the side, letting the tip of his dick replace it, “I don’t know Analbel, that kind of sounds like exactly what you want me to do.”

Roger pushed into her ass and she cried out like a wild animal in heat, the pleasure was like nothing she had every conceived of before, the chip making it feel like every inch of her ass was another clit. Her body shiver and convulsed as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

He stroked in and out for what seemed like forever, eventually filling her bowels with his cum and the entire world exploded in pleasure as one and only one thought filled her mind… how was she ever going to live without Rogers cock in her ass?

When she recovered the world seemed bleak and dull, it brightened only when Roger came back into view and she couldn’t wait for him to fuck her ass again like the fucking bastard he was.