Macy looked at the man in shock, “My tits! What did you do to my tits!” she cried out.

“I made them better, just like I said I would.” he replied.

He’d just come up to her table in the coffee shop a few moments ago, she had been prepared for some lame pickup line, but instead he’d just looked curiously at her modest chest and said, “You could really use some better tits.”

Before she could even reply, he’d raised his hand and snapped his fingers… and well, here they were. Big, round, fake, and gravity defying.

Her expression changed and her brow furrowed, “But… but… my tits are huge funbags now!” she protested.

Her brow furrowed even more, “Why can’t I say juggs? I mean mellons. No I mean sweater puppies! Arghhhhh!”

The man chuckled and smiled, “Well, you can’t have better tits and not have the better vocabular to describe them.” he said as if it made the most sense in the world.

Macy’s lips flapped like a fish out of water, her brain not able to form a response but her body demanding she make one anyway.

He chuckled a bit and smiled, “Hey, your brain seem to be having issues keeping up… want me to give you a better brain too?”

“NO!” she immediatly shot back, even in her confused state she knew exactly what he was suggesting.

“Well ok. Anyway, have you got a boyfriend?” he asked.

She felt like she’d just gotten whiplash at how quickly the conversation had changed direction, “Ah… no.” she got out as she tried to get ahold of herself.

“That’s too bad. I bet tits like that are going to need a cock between them every night.” he said and then shook his head and just walked away, leaving her there, mouth ajar and a sinking feeling.

A sinking feeling that he was right, that giant fake tits like hers were made for fucking, and that she’d better get looking for someone to do just that right away.

A smile crossed her lips as she turned to the man sitting on the bench seat beside her, she pushed her tits out, which wasn’t very hard and reached out and touched his shoulder.

“Excuse me honey… I’m having a little problem I was hoping you could help me with.” she said the when the man truned to her his eyes almost buldged out of his head.

She gave her tits a little shake and struck up a conversation that she hoped would lead right back to her place.

If not, well, there were lots more men in the coffee shop, and on the street, and around the city, that she was sure she could find at least one to fuck her juggs soon enough.