You’re not going out dressed like that are you?” Milly’s stepfather asked, condonation dripping from his voice.

She rolled her eyes and huffed a little, “Of course I am, I’m not a teenager you know, I can wear what I want.” she shot back to Erik.

It was Erik’s turn to roll his eyes as she walked by him, it was true, she was in her mid-twenties but still acted like a spoiled brat.

He’d married her mother a few years ago, an elegant, beautiful, cultured woman that had made him unbelievably happy. Her passing had sent Erik into a deep depression and he’d promised himself he’d never let himself get hurt that way again.

When Milly had come to him a few months ago, desperate as she was broke, and needing somewhere to stay, he’d of course let her into his home. He was starting to regret that though, as she wasn’t apparently looking for a job and spent whatever money he gave her on club clothing and partying.

He sighed as he walked to his home office and sat behind his desk, doom scrolling his social media. He stopped suddenly when an old friend’s post popped up in his feed and a smile crossed his lips.

Milly couldn’t believe her stepfather was “forcing” her to work for his friend. Well, forcing was an over statement. He’d found her the opportunity and insinuated that if she didn’t take it she’d be looking for somewhere else to stay, so she’d grumbled a bit and accepted it. Hi condo in the city was just too well positioned for her to leave as she’d never be able to afford anything this close to the party district

It wasn’t hard work, she spent the day in front of a computer, entering data, generating reports, or whatever else was needed, all of which she could easily handle.

Really the worst part of the job was the throbbing headaches she had each night afterwards. She’d complained to the IT group about the monitor she had and they’d fiddled with it, but it wasn’t any better and so she’d just learned to live with it.

Fortunately the new job didn’t really interfere with her partying, no one complained if she left a little early or arrived a little late, and between what it paid, the fact she still wasn’t paying rent, and the “allowance” that Erik had given her… well she was making out like a bandit really.

A wicked little grin cross her face as she closed her bedroom door behind her, there was one other thing that her new job that she didn’t mind either, all the hot guys at work.

She flopped on to her bed and slipped her hand into her pants, her fingers dancing on her clit a she moaned and masturbated to the thought of any number of them fucking her.

Milly looked in the mirror and smiled as the hairdresser finish her dye job. It was a little weird looking at herself as a blonde, but somehow it felt right.

That was happing a lot recently, now that she’d been at her new job for a few months she was getting more confident at it, wearing sexier clothing, flirting with some of the guys, and now making a big change to her hair.

They guys at the clubs would love it.

A frown came to her face, and the hairdresser asked her if she didn’t like it, but she reassured her she did.

No, it wasn’t that, it was the clubs. They’d gotten… boring lately. She’d been spending less time at them and they guys all seemed… boring too.

She put a smile back on her face and thanked the hairdresser, then left to go do some shopping. She needed something special to wear, just to make herself feel good.

“Oh god, oh god, fuck me, fuck me!” Milly cried out into the pillow as she pushed the vibrator against her clit, just as she came Erik’s face flashed into her mind and she screamed out in passion.

Coming down for her orgasms she knew she was going to have to do something about that.

Erik had been good to her, given her a place to live, gotten her a job, and supported her throughout, no questions asked. It only seemed right she repay his kindness somehow.

A dirty little thought came to her mind and she bounced off her bed and head to her bathroom to get cleaned up.

“You’re not going out dressed like that are you?” Erik asked, concern in his voice.

Milly popped the sucker from between her lips and shook her head, “Nah, don’t feel like partying tonight… just going to stay in and chill so I put something comfortable on.” she replied and then walked over to the couch and flopped down beside him.

She continued to suck on the sucker as fast as she could without being too obvious as they watched TV, Erik has some sports thing on, but it really didn’t matter to her.

Finally she got to the end of the sucker and held the stick out in front of her, “Awe… all gone.” she whined and then put the stick on a napkin on the coffee table in front of them.

As she leaned back she let her hand run up Erik’s leg, to his inner thigh and then onto his crotch, “Too bad I don’t have anything else to suck on…” she said low and sexily.

Her hand felt his stiffening dick and a she looked at him, a fake little surprised look on her face, “Oh! Well maybe I do…”

Then she slipped down between his legs and got sucking the cock she’d been dreaming of for weeks.

Milly snapped the selfie and sent it to Erik, “Milly so horny baby!”

She really need to turn on the charm today, she’d just been fired from her job, apparently the little gold bikini hasn’t been “appropriate” for work.

She smiled as she looked in her bathroom mirror and a little shiver of pleasure coursed through her, if she wanted to keep living at Erik’s condo she was going to have to keep doing what she’d been doing… fucking and sucking him like a little asian slut.

After that first night in the living room, things had moved quickly. She’d started spending a few hours a night down on her knees snuggled between his legs, then he’d take her back to his bedroom for a good hard fucking, then she’d go back to her room and masturbate for a while fantasizing about being able to do that all the time.

A few weeks later he’d laid it all out for her.

He didn’t want any kind of emotional relationship, which was fine with her. He wanted a live in asian whore that would fuck and suck at the drop of a hat. He wanted the stereotypical broken english, he wanted the stereotypical hair dye, he wanted the stereotypical submissive attitude, he wanted it all.

And she’d given it all to him. She’d already been addicted to bad asian porn, watching the little sluts get pounded while crying out things like, “Me love you long time!” and “Fucky fucky big white cocky!”.

She leaned in to the mirror and stuck her ass out, giving it a little shake, she was bringing out the big guns tonight, something she’d been saving for just the right occasion.

She put on her best “sexy” face and practice saying her line, “You like asian pussy baby? Mmmmm… asian ass even better…” she said and the reached around and pushed her bikini bottom to the side, exposing the anal plug she’d been wearing for the last few weeks.

On the end of it was a pink crystal with two words written on it, “Anal Whore”.

She rubbed the crystal with her finger and let out a moan, she couldn’t wait for Erik to get home and finally make her his perfect live in asian whore.