Kasey ran her fingers along the edge of the cursed credenza and it sent a shiver up her arm. She hadn’t know it was cursed when she bought it of course, that would have been silly.

No, she’d just fallen in love with it’s intricate carvings and the richness of the wood. She had the perfect place for it and the little shop had it delivered later that same week.

She’d been ecstatic with how it fit in her home and each and every day it had brought a smile to her face as she passed by it. It was about a week later that the dreams had started, at first just a little more erotic than her usual dreams, but they soon progressed much farther.

Dreams of subservience, of submission, of obedience. Dreams of… cleaning.

It had seemed weird of course, she’d never been much of a fuddy duddy over cleaning, but now it made sense. What else would a cursed credenza want other than to be cleaned?

It wasn’t long before each time she passed it by she was wiping of a spec of dust or some other thing. Soon her nights and weekends were spent polishing and cleaning it. At some point, she’d started to wear the sexy maids outfit, and made herself up to look presentable for it.

She knew where it was all going though, her dreams telling her exactly what the credenza wanted, what it need of her. The image of her ass on the top of the credenza, her legs splayed wide apart, the faceless man fucking her as she begged him to go deeper and harder.

A shiver ran through her, she didn’t know who the man was and she suspected it didn’t really matter, it was just a man. A man that would take over her home, would treat her like a maid in her own house, would use her exactly as the credenza wanted.

Kasey moved on, reluctantly, from the credenza and continued cleaning her home. She’d come back a few more times to the credenza before she finished, and afterwards she had a date. She’d created an online profile a few days ago on a fetish site and it hadn’t taken her long to find several men interested in what she was looking for.

Perhaps he would be the one, perhaps not, but either way she at least hoped she’d be back at the credenza tonight, her dream finally coming true.