A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday February 24, 2024

Harmony rolled her eyes and turned around, before even realizing what she was doing she pushed her ass out and gave it a little wiggle, “Shit!” she called out and gripped her wand tightly.

She heard Barry chuckle behind from behind her and she spun her head around to give him a dirty look, “It’s not funny Barry!”

“Well, it kinda is you know.” he replied with a shrug and a smile.

“What were you even trying to do anyway?” Barry asked.

She let out a huff and turned back towards the wall, “I was trying to make a spell that would make my clothing more environmentally friendly…” she said resignedly.

She heard Barry walk up behind her and then she felt him lay his hands on her butt, “Hey!” she shot back at him.

“Well latex is environmentally friendly I guess.” he said and then squeezed her ass a little.

Her eyes rolled back into her head just a little as she let out a moan.

“Stop… stop that…” she said weakly as goosebumps formed all over her body and her nipples hardened.

“Stop what? This?” Barry asked as he jiggled her ass even more and her knees almost gave out from beneath her.

Her hands flew to the wall to support her, causing her wand to fall to the ground with a clatter.

One of Barry’s hands lifted from her ass, but the other didn’t let up. A moment later she felt Barry’s wand touch the base of her skull.

“Bimbomaximus!” Barry said and Harmony’s eyes went wide as the spell took hold. Her mind filled with pink clouds and fluffy giggles until there was nothing else there. The latex shifted colour to a bright pink, her breasts filled out, her waist constricted and her ass grew even larger as her hair bleached to a platinum blonde.

No longer inhibited by silly thoughts, she moaned loudly as Barry massaged her ass, “Oh my god, like squeeze that ass Barry! giggle” she cried out and pushed her ass back into his hands.

He continued for a while before he grabbed her hair and pulled her back from the wall, she spun around and giggled, then dropped to her knees, eager to repay the favour and suck his cock.

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