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Friday February 23, 2024

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Lexi cocked her head to the side as we rode down the fifth fairway and pouted a little.

I gave her a half glance and smiled, “What’s wrong Lexi?” I asked.

She reached and and touched my arm, still trying her best to put a sad look on her face, “Like, David, can I ask you something?”

I nodded and she continued, “Like, you know the club is totally closing for two whole weeks… something about maintenance… right?”

I nodded again, “Yep, I heard that. They have a real crab grass infestation on the back nine and it’s spreading to the front nine so they need to rip up a pile of grass to replace it.”

I’d already, reluctantly, booked a couple of rounds at my old course while they were working on the grass. I smiled inwardly, it might actually help my game a little not to have Lexi sucking and fucking my brains out every round.

But then again… I was going to miss those tits awfully badly. This time I sighed outwardly and Lexi followed suit.

“So, like…” Lexi continued, “…the owner said we couldn’t come to the course and we’d be totally out of work for the two weeks.” she finished with an even firmer pout as she cast her gaze downward a little.

“That’s too bad Lexi, sorry to hear it.” I replied.

“Well, like, it’s not that bad really. He’s totally given us a bonus to hold us over, but, well…”


“Like, a bunch of us girls totally share an apartment and if I have to stay in that place for two weeks with all those other girls… I’ll totally go nuts!” she let out in a burst.

I gave a chuckle as we pulled up to the green, “Oh that’s just so awful…” I replied in my fakest, most insincere tone I could.

She giggled and batted my arm, “Like, I know right? Anyway, I was thinking…” she said with a wicked smile.

“Ough oh… you know that’s dangerous right?” I said jokingly as she burst into a giggle fit.

When she calmed down the wicked smile returned, “…soooo… I was thinking maybe I could stay with you for the two weeks?” she finished as her hand slide over onto my crotch and she licked her lips seductively.

She really didn’t need to, the thought of having Lexi at my beck and call for two weeks was more than enough to convince me. Besides, I’d already heard from a couple of the other members that some of the other girls had already approached their favorite members to make the same suggestion.

A few had been heartbroken to have to turn the girls down, mostly due to them being married or already having girlfriends. Fortunately I had no such constraints.

I slipped my arm around her back and pulled her in a little, getting my lips right up her ear, “You know, if you stay for two weeks I might not let you ever leave.”

Lexi giggled and nodded, “Like, the owner said that was ok too as long as we could work our shifts still.”

I nodded and smiled as I pulled back a little, it seemed like a reasonable tradeoff. Maybe I’d have to investigate a full fledged membership at the course, I’d heard those gave you the rights to a dedicated playing partner.

We got out of the cart and headed over to where my ball was on the green, Lexi almost skipping along behind me as she held my putter, and I made two mental notes. The first was to cancel the rounds at my old course, it seemed unlikely that I’d be getting out with Lexi at my place. The second was to book the time off at work… there was no way I was going to be in any kind of shape to work with her around.

I waved for Lexi to bring my putter over and she did, handing it to me and then turning towards the pin. I have her ass a little slap as she wiggled her way over and pulled the pin out and held it between her tits.

I lined up my put, pulled back, and sent the ball hurtling towards the hold, twelve feet later the sound of it hitting the bottom of the cup brought a smile to my face.

Or was that the bouncing and giggling Lexi that did that? Or the though of spending two weeks alone with her?

I sighed and tried to put those thoughts out of my head for the moment… I still had 13 holes to go… 16 if you counted Lexi’s, and to focus on my game instead. There would be enough time for those other thoughts soon enough.

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