A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday February 27, 2024

Gina looked at the clock, it was 2:39 in the afternoon and she knew her phone sitting beside it should ring at any moment.

Her morning had been spent out at the gym, then the salon, and finally some shopping, before she returned and made herself a small lunch. Once she was finished, she had changed into the latex bodysuit and sat on the bed, waiting.

It was all part of her programming, the programming her Master had installed in her head over the last few months. She’d been his boss at one time, making his life a living hell at work, but that had changed as the programming had taken hold.

She still wasn’t sure how he’d done it, not exactly at least. He was an computer wiz kid, so she knew it had to be something about technology. Maybe her computer, or her phone?

It didn’t really matter, she’d gone from bossing him around like a sub-human servant, to waiting with baited breath for his every request.

When he told her to quit her job and recommend him to replace her, she’d done so eagerly.

When he told her to go to the gym more often, she did.

When he told her to start watching latex related porn and start ordering outfits, she had.

Her ringtone for her Master snapped her out of her thoughts and she quickly bounced off the bed and retrieved her phone, answering it with a quick swipe.

“Hello Master, how may your slave serve you today?” she ask.

“Hello Gina, did you purchase what I requested today?” her Master asked.

A little shiver ran through her as she unconsciously nodded her head, “Yes Master.” she replied.

“Good, go get them now.” he commanded and she stood up and walked over to the dresser where she had retrieved her phone. She opened the drawer and pulled out the cuffs, then walked back to the bed and retook her position.

“I have them Master.”

“Good, now I want you to watch the clock. Five minutes after I hang up you will put the cuffs on yourself, your hands behind your back, and wait for me to arrive tonight. Understand?”

“Yes Master.” she replied and her nipples hardened as her pussy moistened. It would be hours before he arrived, hours of endless need, hours of hopeless desire.

Her phone went dead and she watched the clock intently, waiting for the minutes to go by.

Just as the clock was about to turn over to the alloted time, she repositioned herself on the bed, and then set her phone down to the side.

Laying face down she took the cuffs and placed them on her wrists, behind her back, and secured them in place.

She looked up at the clock, 2:49pm. As each passing minute clicked away her pussy grew more and more desperate for attention, but she knew he wouldn’t make it easy. With his new responsibilities at work he often didn’t arrive until late at night, if she was unlucky, he might not make it until the next morning on his way back into work.

2:50pm, her pussy quivered and she let out a little whimper.

2:51pm, her pussy quivered again and she bit her lower lip.

2:52pm, she shuffled against her cuffs, trying to get her hands down onto her pussy, but to no avail.

Gary walked into the bedroom to see Gina’s wild eyes glazed over, still staring at the clock on the dresser, it read 9:21pm. He walked over to it and clicked the off button, shutting the display, and subliminal transmitter, off, eliciting a gasp from Gina.

“Master!” her half dazed voice called out but her eyes never left the clock.

He walked over and patted her ass, “Good girl Gina, you’re coming along very well.”

He watched her whole body shiver in excitement from his touch.

He grabbed her ankles and pulled her around so her ass was at the edge of the bed, breaking her line of sight with the clock and letting her mind start to function once more.

It didn’t last long, by the time he dropped his pants and slipped his dick into her pussy, she was back into full sex doll mode, grunting and groaning, gasping and whimpering, until she cried out when her orgasm arrived.

He cleaned himself up and left the bedroom, only pausing to unlock the cuffs and turn the clock back on. It had the next set of subliminals teed up and he couldn’t wait to see how long before she was begging him to buy her bigger tits.

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