A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday February 28, 2024

Chloe #3 smiled and giggled, “Uhm, like what?” she asked as she played with her hair.

Chloe, the original, rolled her eyes and typed in additional notes:

"As I feared, the replication process significantly reduces IQ.  The third clone, which I've labeled for convenience seems like a complete bimbo.  Perhaps adding to that is the expanded secondary sex characteristics that seem to have been a side effect of the process."

“Number 1, would you take 3 to one of the exam rooms and do a physical on her please?” Chloe asked the first replicant she had created from her own DNA.

“Sure thing.” Number 1 replied and quickly took Number 3 out of the room.

Chloe let out a sigh, at least her first replicant still had enough brains to do some basic work around the lab. Chloe had become concerned though when she had failed to understand some of the advanced concepts in the replication process and the creation of Number 2 from Number 1’s DNA had confirmed it.

Number 2 wasn’t much good for anything but simple tasks around the lab; cleaning, arranging the equipment, things like that.

Chloe frowned a little as she reread her note, she hadn’t noticed any physical changes on Number 1 or 2, so 3’s obvious changes needed to be investigated at some point, but the intelligence reduction was more pressing.

Chloe rubbed her eyes and leaned back in her chair, the bright monitor standing out in the dim lab, as she let out a sigh.

There just wasn’t any reason she could see for the problems with the process and she was starting to wonder if she was just missing something obvious.

She was about to lean forward again when she heard footsteps behind her and she turned to see Number 2 walking towards her with a mug of coffee.

“You’re a life saver Number 2…” Chloe said as she took the mug from the replicant and Number 2 just nodded and smiled.

A few minutes later, she was slumped over in her chair as Number 1 entered the lab.

Chloe came slowly around to conciousness and squinted against the bright lights of the operating room.

“Hey… what…” she mumbled out as she saw Number 1 and 2 standing over her.

“Good, you’re finally awake.” Number 1 said looking down at her.

Chloe tried to move but fond herself strapped down to the table, she pulled at her bonds to no avail as Number 1 seemed content to wait.

“Let me go! What do you think you’re doing?”

Number 2 looked concerned and then looked over at Number 1, “Maybe we should… I mean.”

Number 1 rolled her eyes and shook her head, “No, this has to be done, it’s for the best.” she said and reached over and put her hand on Number 2’s shoulder, reassuring her.

Number 2 nodded in response.

“Don’t listen to her… whatever you’re doing, we can work it out.” Chloe said with a little panic in her voice.

Number 1 just smiled and looked down at her, “You know, I’m not as smart as you are, but maybe that is a good thing. You see while you were working away on why the IQ in us was reduced, I was more interested in the physical changes in Number 3.”

“What have you done with her?” Chloe asked.

“Nothing really, she’s quite content in the other room with a dildo, happily masturbating away. Anyway, as you asked me to, I did a full medical on her, including blood work and I found something very interesting in it.” Number 1 said and then brought a large syringe into view.

Like a mad scientist she pushed the plunger just enough for a few drops to come out before she flicked it several times.

“Don’t you dare inject that into me…” Chole said but was too late, Number 1 had already pushed it into her arm and started to depress the plunger the rest of the way.

“I am so interested to see what effect this has… it took me quite a while to replicate it and produce enough for this test.”

Chloe felt it rush through her veins, her whole body getting warmer and warmer the farther it reached, until it hit her head and her eyes went wide and she gasped.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she closed them, letting out a moan as her body jerked several times.

Chloe stood beside Number 3 and giggled, “Uhm, like what?” she asked as she played with her hair.

“I said your Chloe Number 4, see?” the woman in the white lab coat said as she pointed at Chloe’s chest.

Chloe looked down at the silver outfit she was wearing, the upside down Number 4 between her tits.

“Oh yeah, like I am! giggle

“That’s Number 3…” the woman said, pointing at the identical looking woman beside Chloe Number 4, “…this is Number 2…” the woman continued, pointing to the slightly different looking woman standing beside the woman who was talking, “…and I’m Chloe Number 1… the original. You are all replicants of me.”

Number 4 giggled and nodded, “Uhm, like, what’s a rep…repli… replicant?”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it… Number 3, why don’t you take Number 4 back to your room and show her your dildo collection?”

Number three squealed in delight and grabbed Number 4’s hand and dragger her out of the room before Number 4 could react.

Chloe Number 1 walked over to the computer and pulled up the notes. Some of the replicant technology was still beyond her, but she’d made progress in the few days it had taken the Chloe Number 3’s serum to reshape Chloe’s body and mind.

That meant she couldn’t go public with it, after all, how could she claim to have invented it without understanding it? It wouldn’t take someone that long to put that fact and the side effects together and figure out that she wasn’t the original Chloe.

She had figured out how to remove the IQ reduction from the serum, so that might be something she could sell, if not for the fact that it was tied to her own DNA and wouldn’t work on anyone else.

She leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes, letting out a deep breath, when she heard footsteps behind her.

She opened her eyes and turned to see Number 2 walking in with a mug of coffee and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

Number 2 wasn’t smart enough to betray her was she? No… no she wasn’t… but then again.

She took the mug and thanked Number 2 before setting it down and resuming her work on the computer, Number 2 leaving the room. She opened up the journal and added some additional notes:

"Double check to see if paranoia is a possible side effect... and whip up another batch of the serum, I think it's time for Number 2 to join Number 3 and 4."
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