Tina snapped the selfie and then quickly tapped out the message, “WHAT THE FUCK!”

She hit send and then went back out to her bedroom, still in shock. The reply didn’t take long, “HOLY SHIT! What happened?”

Dianne, her best friend added several emoji as well, but Tina just skimmed over them and started typing her reply.

“Don’t know, just woke up in my bed this morning, face down, ass up, and a giant set of tits on my chest.”

“Do you think… think it could be him?” Dianne replied.

Tina sent back a shrug emoji and flopped back onto her bed as she sent it.

“Hold on, I’m on my way…” Dianne replied and Tina gave her a thumbs up.

Twenty minute later she arrived and slammed the door behind her.

“Hey, in my bedroom.” Tina called out and Dianne rushed in, jumping on the bed, her eyes wide.

“Oh my god, he actually exists! It has got to be him!” Dianne almost squealed and then reached out and poked one of Tina’s inflated tits.

“Hey, don’t do that…” Tina managed to get out before Dianne’s finger came in contact with her tit, but too late to actually stop it.

“Oooohhhhhh…” Tina moaned as soon as Dianne’s finger came in contact with her jiggling mound of flesh.

“Are that really that sensitive?” Dianne asked.

“Yes… please don’t do that again.” Tina replied sheepishly.

“What if I do this…” Dianne started and this time reached out and grabbed Tina’s tit with her whole hand.

“OHHHHHHHH!” Tina cried out as an orgasm crashed over her and she fell back onto the bed.

“Stop that!” Tina cried out when she managed to recover and slapped Dianne’s hand as it approached for a third time.

Dianne pouted but relented.

“Amazing!” Dianne said, “I mean, there were wild rumors running around campus that there was some guys giving girls huge sensitive tits overnight, but I mean, who would have believed it?”

“Believe it, he’s real…” Tina said, pointing at her own tits, “I’m more curious as to how though.” she said as she scrunched her face into a question.

Dianne blinked several times and then giggled, “Yeah, but does it really matter? Do you remember where you were when you met him?”

Tina shook her head from side to side, “No, the last thing I remember was being here and thinking it was just about time to get ready to go out… then…” she replied, waved at her tits again.

Dianne frowned, “Shit.” she said.

“What? You want to know where to meet him of something?”

Dianne rolled her eyes and then waved at her own small chest, “Well duh! Of course I do!”

Tina just shook her head, “No… you really don’t. I mean these things are huge! No one is going to take me seriously now.”

“True, but then again, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be able to find a boyfriend in no time now… probably a nice rich one.” Dianne said with a smirk.

“Hey, that’s your dream, not mine.” Tina replied and crossed her arms under her tits, which was a mistake as it immediately elicited a moan from her lips.

A wicked smile crossed Dianne’s lips, “Well, we’re just going to have to see if we can jog your memory…”

“Hey, wait… what are you doing?” Tina said as Dianne lunged forward, both hands outstretched.

Before Tina could do anything Dianne had both her hands firmly on Tina’s tits and orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

“Come on Tina… where did you meet him! You can’t keep these big beautiful tits all to yourself! I want them too!”

Tina lost track of time, and count of her orgasms, but eventually Dianne stopped her assault. Tina wasn’t sure what she had said to appease her friend, but she knew she had started babbling whatever came into her head, which was mostly her describing her own tits being mauled, but there must have been something else as well.

Dianne didn’t wait for Tina to fully recover, but she did pause as she left Tina’s bedroom and shot her a smile.

“God you’re going to make someone an amazing trophy wife, they’re going to love fucking those big fat tits of yours. Maybe when I get mine we can find a pair of brothers to marry us and we can still be best friends forever!”

Tina just let herself ride the wave of pleasure down from all her orgasm, a smile on her face, and a sneaking suspicion that Dianne was right, she was going to love having her big fat tits fucked.