“Oh my gawd! Like what happened!” Lacey cried out in a whiny little voice that was completely wrong.

She turned to the genie standing at the foot of the bed with a smile on her face, she was dressed in the traditional semi-transparent pink flowing blouse and pants. Her large breasts clearly visible, her angelic face was framed with long blonde hair and her waist pinched in impossibly so.

“I granted your third wish of course Mistress.” the genie replied in fake sincerity and a devious smile.

Lacey blinked and tilted her head, it was kinda hard to think, like she was trying to swim in molasses.

When she’d found the old lamp in the antiques store she’d laughed a little at it’s quaint appearance, and the thick layer of patina had made her think of the old TV show instantly. On a whim she bought it and taken it home, not thinking twice about it in the box of other trinkets she’d gotten.

It was only today, when she’d been going through her finds, that she’d come across it again and decided to give it a clean. To say she had been surprised by the billowing smoke coming out of it was an understatement, but the proof of the genie was undeniable and so she’d made her wishes.

The first one had been obvious, to be rich, and the genie had granted it without incident. Her bank account was full, she had a stock portfolio, and all of her belongs suddenly upgraded to much better versions of themselves.

Her second wish was just as obvious, at 56 she was well past her prime and on her way to truly being old. So, she’d wished for every lasting youth and beauty. The genie regretful informed her she couldn’t do every lasting, but could extend her life significantly. Lacey had agreed and found herself looking like she was in her early twenties, everything was taught once more!

Her third wish was to find and marry prince charming.

“But, like…” she said, setting the hand mirror down and waving her hands up and down her body, “…I totally look and sound like a complete bimbo!”

“True, but as I said at the start, I can grant you three wishes, but they can only effect you.” the genie replied.

Lacey raised an eyebrow as a confused look crossed her face, “But, like, my first…” she started and then raised up her hand and counted in her fingers, “…two wishes totally worked fine.”

“Of course, money is easy, there’s lots of it around and rearranging some of it to be yours didn’t effect anyone else really. Youth and beauty are, again, just effecting you, so easily enough done. But prince charming… oh boy, that’s a completely different story.”

Lacey pouted as she tried to push through the confused thoughts in her brain, “like, ah, how?”

“Well you see as I said, your wishes can only effect you. So I had to find a prince charming that already existed, and there just aren’t that many of them. Anyway, I did find one and since I couldn’t change him, I had to change you to meet his expectations.” the genie said as she waved her hand in Lacey’s general direction.

“But, like…” Lacey started to say but the genie just continued on.

“So first I had to figure out how the two of you would meet. Your prince charming, well, he has a type. As pretty as you were before he’s not much into the ‘natural’ look. So the first thing I did was give you a look he’d be interested in. Then getting the two of you to meet at one of the many parties he throws wasn’t much of an issue.”

Lacey tried to think back to the party the genie was talking about and through the fog she finally got there. She had been in a tight little dress that showed off her tits and ass, wiggling and jiggling them on the dance floor, when he’d cut in, charming her out of her clothes and into his bed.

She pouted even more, thinking back even farther, to when she’d dropped out of college and gotten her first boob job, paid for by a sugar daddy that she couldn’t even remember the name of anymore. She hopped around from one to the next, each one adding a little bit to her body and her wallet.

She shook her head, “Like, that’s totally not me…” she half heartedly exclaimed.

“Well, I did have to make a few changes up top too…” the genie started, “…I mean your prince charming has some pretty specific wants for his princess after all. He’s not all that interested in conversation, or your ideas, or your opinions, in fact he really just wants a nice dumb blonde that giggles and nodes at everything he says or wants.”

Lacey was finding it harder and harder to stay focused on what the genie was saying, her body was telling her something urgently, but she was trying to push it out of her mind.

“Anyway, since your wishes have been granted, I’ll leave you too it. I think I hear your prince charming coming right now in fact…” the genie said and then faded from sight.

“Wait!” Lacey cried out, but too late as she heard a voice come from outside of the bedroom.

“Honey, are you ready?”

Lacey blinked several times and then shook her head, her nipples hardened at the sound of his voice and her pussy quivered.

“Oh my gawd, like totally! giggle” she replied.

Her prince charming entered the room and she let out a little gasp as he did. He was in his fifties, a little overweight, balding, in a ratty old housecoat, but had the biggest brightest smile she’d ever seen. Her whole body shivered in anticipation as he walked over to the bed and she stood up, picking up his crown as she did.

She reached up and placed it on his head, “Like, my lord, how might your princess service you tonight? giggle

He smiled and grabbed her left tit, pushing her to the side a little so he could maul it while they kissed. Their tongues danced as he other hand snaked down her body and grabbed her ass, squeezing and slapping it, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her.

Without her even really noticing he maneuvered her around to the side of the bed, and slowly stripped off her lingerie as they made out. By the time he pushed her face down onto the bed, she was so horny she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Oh my gawd, like fuck your slutty little princess baby!” she cried out as he let his housecoat slip from his shoulders and he grabbed her ass with both hands. He then stepped in and ran the tip of his cock over her pussy right up to her sphincter.

Her eyes went wide as she felt the pressure on her asshole increase, “Baby… baby… please…” she started to say, something deep in the back of her mind wanting him to stop, but her lips betrayed her.

“Mmmmmm… baby… yeah… fuck your horny little anal slut…” she said as the tip of his cock slipped into her ass and she gasped with pleasure as it did.

Soon he was hammering her ass, stroking in deep and hard, as she begged for more, orgasm after orgasm shaking her body.

After all, she was his anal princess and he was her prince charming, if she wanted him to put a ring on her finger she needed to show him just how much she loved taking his cock in her ass anytime he wanted.

Strangely, just as he filled her ass with his cum, she thought she heard someone laughing, but that thought quickly faded away in the afterglow of her most intense orgasm yet.