Talia gave a smoldering look at the old man in his faded robes as he stood in the circle of power, a slight red glow coming from him.

It had been relatively easy to worm her way into his sanctum, a quick flash of a smile, a touch of his arm, the hint of something young and sweet, and he’d nearly been fall over himself inviting her back.

It was… distasteful of course, he had long since fallen out of the graces of the council, not exile, but no longer welcome in polite circles. She’d had to go out of her usual comfort range to find him, but it would be worth it.

He beckoned her over to him and she swayed her hips as she walked over and into the circle, she could feel its power as it tingled all over her body. He might be old, but he was still a powerful mage and she had to be careful.

They embraced and she kissed him, slowly, softly, longingly, as his withered hands roamed over her body. Soon her dress and his robe were tossed aside and they lowered themselves to the floor, she on top of him as their two fleshes became one, if only for a short while.

Talia watched the slowly heaving chest of the mage, fast asleep, rise and fall softly. The circle no longer energized, the mage spent, she slipped from it’s confines and quickly redressed and left the chamber.

She knew what she was looking for would be in his library, all mages’ had them, and he was no different. She stuck her head into several room, some filled with potions, some with devices, but only one filled with books.

She smiled and silently entered, running her hands across several of the books until she found the one she wanted.

Slipping her glasses out of her magic pouch in her dress, she slipped them on and opened the leather bound tome, flipping through its pages until she came to what she was looking for.

Softly and slowly she started speaking the incantation as the power swirled around her until it was done and she felt the power enter her.

Tali laid out on the floor, the soft fur of the rug on her flesh, as she tried to read the book once more.

“God, why is reading so hard!” she exclaimed to no one in particular.

The spell had gone wrong… or at least she thought it had. It was supposed to expand her lifespan, and maybe it had, but it had expanded other things as well.

Like her lips, tits and ass!

Which wouldn’t have been so bad, but it seemed to have taken the power to do so right from her brain, and left her head half empty… at least.

She flipped to the next page and tried to focus, there must be a spell in here somewhere to undo the last one, but she was having a hard time reading the titles, let alone the complex words that made up the rest of the page.

She was about to turn to the next page when she heard the door creak open and she looked up to see the naked mage entering the library.

Two things immediately happened, the first being the idea of undoing the spell left her mind for good, and the second was that it was replaced with the memory of fucking the mage just a short time ago.

She took in a gasp as her pussy quivered, “Oh my god, like, you’ve got an amazing cock! giggle Can I totally suck it?”

He smiled and walked over to her, his cock standing at attention, and she pushed herself up onto he knees. She wrapped her puffy lips around him and felt the intense pleasure that came from them fill her mind.

He reached down and stroked her head as she bobbed back and forth, his words going in one ear and right out the other with spending any time between them.

“I was starting to worry that the rumors I started about the book had finally died down entirely. I haven’t had one of you come after it in a few months. Good thing I’m a patient man, but perhaps it’s time to give those rumors a little boost. After all, I’ve got quite the backlog of orders from the council for sexy little apprentices like you.” he said with a chuckle and then levitated the book back up onto the shelf, waiting for its next victim.