God why did it feel so good to be in this position? Ass up, face down, and wanting… wanting something April couldn’t quite put her finger on.

Instead she managed to get her limp arm under her body and put her finger on the next best thing… her clit.

Twenty minutes later she was on the verge of orgasms and her head was filled with lust and confusion. Lust from the desperate need to have a dick in her pussy which she knew would be exponentially more satisfying that her fingers ever could be. Confusion from the image of her neighbour Dean that simply would not go away no matter how hard she tried to put him out of her mind.

Each time she tried her orgasm seemed to get a little farther away and so she finally gave up, finally letting herself see him standing behind her, gripping her hips, and pounding her pussy.

Her orgasm finally came when he did, or at least she imagined he did, and her whole body quivered and shook as her cries were muffled by the comforter on her bed.

April smiled broadly as she stood by her mailbox, her nipples hardening and her pussy moistening as she watched Dean walk into the alcove in the lobby of their condo building.

“Hi Dean!” she blurted out a little to eagerly as he walked over to his mailbox just beside her own.

“Oh, hi April. How are you?” he asked as he placed his key into his mailbox and opened it. As he did her nostrils flared and she took in his scent, sending her need into overdrive.

“Oh god Dean, I’m so horny!” she replied as she stroked his arm only to realize what she’d said and blushed profusely.

“I… I’m sorry, I’m fine… I just… I just have to go…” she continued before he could say anything and quickly walked out of mailroom and headed right back to her unit to masturbate once more… her ass up, her face down.

April couldn’t take it any more, she was stuffed into her skimpiest little dress, her tits almost popping out, her ass barely covered. She was wearing her highest heels and done her hair and makeup, she looked like she was going out to some club with only one purpose, to get laid.

Her hand extended to his door and she rapped her knuckles on it twice, a moment later she heard sounds from behind it and then the door opened.

Just like in the mailroom, as soon as the door opened, his scent wafted out of it causing her to gasp a little as her pupils dilated.

“Oh, hi April.” Dean said with a smile before April could form a cohesive thought.

She blinked once, then twice, before the biggest smile she’d ever had crossed her lips, “Hi Dean!” she blurted out again.

He waited a few moments but all April could do was stand there and push her tits out as far as she could.

“So… what can I do for you April?” he asked.

She giggled slightly, the last vestiges of coherent though vanishing. Instead her lips moved and said the only thing left in her head.

“Oh god Dean, you can fuck me, that’s what you can do for me!” she replied, half leaping at him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders and landing her lips on his.

He staggered back a step or two but managed to swing the door closed before he wrapped his arms around her waist and grabbed her ass. She moaned as they staggered through the living room to his bedroom and tumbled onto his bed.

Before she knew what was happening, her dress was up around her hips, her face was buried in his sheets, and her ass was high up in the air, his hands gripping her tightly as she felt him push his dick into her pussy.

Even the bed couldn’t not completely silence her screams of pleasure, and when her orgasm crested it burned away any doubts that this was where she belonged.

Dean smiled down at the blissed out April and then walked over to grab the tablet on his nightstand. He opened up his notes and added a few:

- Subject succumbed to batch #42 in two weeks and three days, significant reduction from batch #41.
- Aggression factor was significantly increased from previous trials, might be a problem in the future?
- Pleasure factor also significantly increased, tied to AF?
- Subject displayed significant reduction in inhibitions, most notably verbal and attire.

He set the tablet back down on the nightstand and set headed to the bathroom to clean up.

The best part of living in one of these large condos in the city was the availability of so many young women to test new formulations on. April had turned out the best so far, but he was pretty sure he could tweak the formula a little more.

He already had his next subject picked out, a hot little blonde number that had turned down his advances just as April had. That was important, it ensure his data wasn’t being polluted with natural attraction, so he could be certain that it was the formula that was the cause of it.

He came back into the bedroom and looked at April’s still form, her face still buried in the sheets, and smiled. He might just have to delay the testing of batch #43, it looked like April was going to be a lot of fun and he might have to extend his testing with her… for science of course.

He chuckled to himself a little and shook his head at his own rationalization before leaving the bedroom and turning on the TV in the living room. If April was like the other test subjects it would take her a while to completely recover from the effects, but when she did, she’d be eager for another round.