A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday March 23, 2024

Capitan Chains held her pose, her hands on her hips, a smile on her lips, as she stood in one of the subbasements of The Dictator. She’d been here for months, holding the pose, only breaking it for necessities like food and drink, but returning as soon as she was done.

He’d captured her almost a year ago, broken her mind with drugs and stimulation, making her into his personal fuck toy. She enjoyed it quite a lot honestly, she worshiped his cock, eager to take it in any way he might like.

The first few months had been a whirlwind of sex, abuse, and orgasms. She’d loved every moment of it.

Slowly though, he’d spent less and less time with her, sending her away for days, then weeks at a time. After the first three months he’d only use her once in a while, and for the last two months, she hadn’t seen him at all. The last time she had seen him, he’d told her to pose right in the spot she was standing now and so she continued to do so.

She didn’t complain though, she knew he was busy with all his plots to take over the world and she was just happy that she was still his. Her greatest fear was that one of her old allies would come and save her, take her away, make her the old boring hero she used to be once more.

She continued to hold her pose, hoping that he would come and use her again soon, but if not, she’d be right here waiting for him.

BREAKING NEWS: The Dictator has been captured and remanded to the hyperzone where he’ll no longer be a threat! Ongoing efforts to find his remaining strongholds are winding down with no additional leads at this time.

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