“Fuck!” Delilla thought as she looked sideways at her owner.

She understood what had happened to her, her decent from up and coming executive at a fortune 500 drug company to the live in maid and sex toy of one of many men she’d crawled over on her accent.

She never figured out which drug they’d used on her, but it didn’t really matter either. It was addictive and powerful, rendering her a helpless slave to its power, and by extension, to the person that had dosed her with it.

None of that was the worst part though, and neither were the ropes and gag that she now wore. No, the worst part was the fact that she could feel her drool running down her chin and onto the floor. She was making a mess and she was helpless to clean it up.

He had programmed the need for cleanliness so deeply into her mind that even now, bound and helpless, all she could do was think of doing was cleaning up her own drool.

All she could hope for was that he didn’t take too long to fuck her and then release her, though she suspected he was enjoying watching her squirm and wondered if he might even leaver her there the entire night.

She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath through her nostrils, trying to put it out of her mind, instead trying to focus on how clean it would be after she was released, which helped a little.