“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Jenna cried out as she pulled her just donned top down from her breasts almost tearing it as she did so.

Why did she let it go on for this long? She knew something was wrong, it wasn’t like you got a second puberty in your twenties!

The thing was though… she had kinda liked it. She’d never been well endowed, oh sure, her boyfriends had never complained, but she could see them staring at girls with bigger breasts.

So when hers had started to swell, and feel more sensitive, she’d just written it off as being that time of the month. Two weeks later, she couldn’t do that and her breasts were bigger and more sensitive than ever.

But still, she rationalized it away, enjoying the looks she was getting, and the attention.

This morning when she had awoken though, she knew it had gone to a whole new level… her breasts were huge! In fact she had a hard time thinking of them as breasts they were so big… they were tits! Melons! Sweater puppies!

A little shiver ran through her and she steeled herself as she tried to let her top gentle slip up over her tits. She gasped and moaned as it did so and when it finally covered her nipples her whole body shivered and a small orgasm came over her.

When she recovered, her top was on, but her nipples were hard and clearly poking through it.

She sighed and accepted that it was the best she could do, she hadn’t been able to wear a bra for a week, even if she had had on that would fit now.

She found a matching skirt, and heels and put those on as well, just in time for a knock to come to her condo’s door.

She cocked an eyebrow in curiosity, she wasn’t expecting anyone, so she headed to the door and opened it. Johnathan was standing there, one of her neighbours on the floor.

“Oh, hi Johnathan.” she said, a little annoyed that the nerdy guy that she, and everyone else in the building had turned down at one time or another.

“Hey Jenna.” he said and without missing a beat, reached out and grabbed hold of her left tit.

“Hey! What! OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” she cried out as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.

She stumbled backwards as he gently pushed her into her condo and closed the door behind him. Before she knew it she was flat on her back on her couch, Johnathan squeezing both of her tits, and orgasm after orgasm crashing over her.

Johnathan looked down at Jenna and smiled, her impressive chest, that he’d just been feeling up, was heaving as she came down from a series of orgasms that were sure to leave her giddy for the next while.

He’d picked Jenna as his first test subject due to her small chest, and he couldn’t wait to see what his gas would do on Bethany, the large breasted blonde on the other end of the hallway.

He’d been pumping the gas into Jenna’s unit under the doorway each night as she slept and it had taken longer than he thought it would to take effect. That might just have been due to the ratio of air to gas in the condo, but now that he had direct access to Jenna, he could test that theory.

Jenna was just coming arround as he sat on the coffee table across from her.

“What… Johnathan… get out of…” but he cut her off simply by reaching out and giving her tit a squeeze.

She moaned and cooed until he stopped.

“So Jenna, want to be my big titted slut?” he asked.

Her face twisted into disdane, “NO!” she got out but he simply reached out and gave her tit a firm slap.

She orgasmed instantly and he waited until she recovered.

“So… do you want to be my big titted slut now?” he asked.

Her lower lip quivered and she hesitated for a moment, “Please… Johnathan… no…”

He shook his head and simply repeated the slap.

After three more slaps she was agreeing to anything he wanted and he couldn’t wait to find out just how effective the gas was when directly inhaled.