Tanya sat in her condo and looked at her phone as it binged, a drink in her one hand as the party continued on around her.

“How how things gone so wrong?” she thought to herself as she picked up the phone and read the message from Rick, he was just coming up the elevator with more wine, so she put on her best fake smile, set her drink down, and stood up and headed towards the door.

Six months ago, when she had first started dating Rick, she’d been the VP of Marketing and he’d been a lowly pleb two levels beneath her. And dating would probably have been too generous of term for their relationship, she’d given him little choice if he ever wanted to advance at the company.

He’d caught her eye, a young handsome man, not yet experienced enough to be over confident, but not completely useless either.

She’d wanted someone she could control and have some fun with, show off at parties and in general, use as a prop.

Something had changed after their first few weeks together though, he’d grown more confident and assertive, and she had found herself going along with it. By their three month anniversary he had basically taken over her entire life. Telling her what to wear, how to act, what to do, and she had gone along with it all.

Dying her brown hair blonde, getting extensions, wearing more makeup, getting lip fillers, wearing skimpy little outfits that show off her body, and to top it off, her new tits.

A little shiver ran through her just thinking about her tits. She didn’t call them that other thing anymore, it was hard to even think about that word, but tits, juggs, funbags, boobs, came easily to her mind.

Since she’d gotten them not a day had gone by that Rick hadn’t told her how luck she was to have a nice big set of fake tits to show off, and she couldn’t agree more.

She arrived at the door just in time to open it and let Rick in, she beamed a smile at him, gave her tits a shake and took one of the bags of wine from him.

“Oh my god, your a life saver! giggle” she said and blew Rick an air kiss before turning around and wiggling into the kitchen knowing full well Rick was following her and staring at her ass the entire time.

Rick dropped the other bag of wine on the counter, gave her ass a little tap and then headed out to the main living room to talk to the other men that were gathered.

Not longer after she followed him, but with a tray of wine filled glasses in her hand, that she distributed to the guests. Many of them complemented her on her new style, her new hair, her new tits, and she giggled and thank every last one of them.

Once she was done she went back over to where her phone and drink were and picked both up, sipping the drink, and scrolling through the latest fashion influencers that she followed on social media. After a moment her phone screen flashed and her eyes went wide as she let out a gasp.

Her eyes rolled back into her head for a moment and then return to their natural place, but now defocused and empty. She stood up and walked over to the coffee table in front of the couch, stepped up onto it and stuck her ass and tits out at the same time while grasping her hands behind her back.

If her mind had been working she would have heard the tinging of a wine glass and Rick speak up.

“I’d like to congratulate the entire team on a job well done. The subliminal programming app has had a wildly successful test, as I’m sure that Tanya would agree with. That is if we hadn’t programmed her to be a brainless automaton at the moment.” Rick said, waving his hand in Tanya’s direction.

A chuckle erupted from all of the men along with a smattering of applause.

“Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want to hear me prattle on, so it’s time to open your envelopes.” Rick said and the men all reached into their pockets and pulled out small sealed envelopes.

Each opened them with various expressions, one had a broad smile on his face and held up the paper, a single number printed on it… 1.

“And Larry is the lucky guy who gets the first turn! Congrats!” Rick said and then Larry walked over and took Tanya’s hand and lead her from the coffee table to the bedroom.

The rest of the men ignored the sounds that came from it for the next 20 or 30 minutes, as they hoped Larry would do when their turn arrived.