Helen looked over her shoulder as she heard the door to the lobby swing open and a little smile crossed her lips, her boss, the VP of IT, coming through the doorway.

She’d taken the job as his executive assistant mostly out of desperation, she was very much over qualified for it, having had the same position as she now reported into at her last company.

Unfortunately word had spread through the industry pretty quickly when her lawsuit for sexual harassment had collapsed when evidence of her own harassment of one of her employee’s surfaced, and now she’d had to take whatever she could get.

She had been financially drained and blacklisted, with this being the only position she’d been able to get an offer for.

“All set Helen?” her boss asked as he approached her.

“Yes Sir.” she replied, nodding her head and bitting back the urge to tell him to fuck off before handing him the small envelope that she pulled out of her purse.

It was one of the first “rules” that he’d laid down when she took the job, he knew she saw herself as an equal to him, but in his office, his EA called him Sir.

It had seemed like a a small compromise at the time, but it had just been the first of many. She’d tried to fight them, but something in the back of her head had just kept telling her to go along with them, to wait it out until she found a better position, then she could tell him where to go.

So when he told her to dress more appropriately for her current position, her power suits went out and in came her designer skirts and tops.

When he told her to act more like her current role, she stopped making suggestions unless he asked for her opinion.

When he suggested she needed to work on her makeup, she spent hours watching videos on what she should be doing.

When he suggested she should go blonde instead of her dull brown locks, she’d gone to the hairdresser later that week.

When he told her she needed to spend more time at the gym, she started going every day.

Her boss pulled out his phone and tapped several times on it and suddenly she heard a bong come from her earbud and a shiver of pleasure ran through her, a gasp escaping from her lips.

He took a step forward and started towards the elevators, she quickly took up station just a step behind and to the right as her heels clicked on the floor and filled the lobby with their sharpe notes.

When they entered the elevator he came up beside her and wrap his arm around her waist and her body quivered.

“Please Sir… someone might see.” she pleaded with him but he tapped his phone again and another bong sounded in her ear.

She let out a little whimper as she leaned in against him, then his hand came down onto her ass and gave it a squeeze as yet another bong sounded and she gasped, both from his hand and the sound.

By the time they exited the elevator and arrived at the hotel room, she was a quivering mess, her nipples rock hard, her pussy a quivering mess, her breath ragged and her eyes wild.

The door closed behind them and another bong sounded, unable to contain herself any more, she dropped to her knees in front of him and dove for his crotch, her lips desperately trying to wrap themselves around his manhood underneath his pants.

The voice in the back of her head telling her to wait it out finally changed it’s tune, telling her she had finally found the perfect position for herself and she should never leave it.