Kiri had her glasses on so no one would know she was really SolarGirl as she left her apartment and headed out to the grocery store. She didn’t really need anything from there, it wasn’t like she needed to consume anything but sunlight, but to keep a secret identity, she had to do things that normal people did. And so, grocery shopping it was.

Of course it might have been better not to wear a t-shirt that had her own logo on it, even if it was ripped in several places.

That and perhaps not showing off her massive tits that would draw every eye right to said logo.

She giggled a little at the thought as she made her way to the elevator, she’d really been messing things up recently, ever since her battle with Dex six months ago.

At first it had been little things, like forgetting her glasses once in a while, then bigger things, like ruining her outfits in inappropriate ways.

She’d fought him several more times since then, each time coming away with changes that she never would have let happen previously.

Like her lips, she thought as she rode down to the ground floor, he’d hit her with some kind of spray that had made them swell up and become super sensitive. He’d gotten away and she had been confused as to what she was supposed to do about them. So, she’d done nothing, and just accepted them for what they were, cock sucking pillows.

It was the same a few weeks later when he hit her with a ray of some kind that blew up her tits to the massive sweeter puppies they were now.

There were several other fights, but she had a hard time keeping them straight these days, just like her hair colour. Was her secret identity supposed to be brunette or blonde?

She’d given up and just gone with a mixed colour a few weeks ago, but was pretty sure she was going to go full blonde next time.

She stepped out of the building and onto the street, and instantly several men started staring at her tits, a shiver ran through her but she managed to stifle a giggle as she strutted down the street towards the store.

She made her way quickly and ducted into the store, the coolness of the conditioned air sending a little chill through her, making her nipples poke out from her shirt.

Picking up a basket, she made her way to the fresh fruit isle and picked up some cucumbers, bananas, and then went to look at the melons. She stifled another giggle at the thought that she wasn’t the only one looking at melons in the store as multiple guys were fixated on hers.

She arrived at the melon stand just as another shopper did, a middle aged man, he managed to avoid staring right at her tits as he examined the fruit, and she subconsciously pouted in disappointment.

Then she smiled and reached out and picked up one of the melons to examine, “Like, excuse me… do you think this is ripe?” she asked as she placed the melon right between her tits and pushed them together to hold it there.

Impressively, when he looked over, he didn’t lose his composure in the slightest and smiled, “Oh I think those might be a little overripe Miss.” he replied.

This time she couldn’t contain her giggle and she reached out and touched his arm as she grabbed the melon with her other hand, “Oh my gosh, you do?” she replied and gave her tits a jiggle.

He nodded and she gave a little smirky pout, “Maybe…” she started with a sly smile, “…you could help me find out. I’m told the best way to be sure is a taste test.” she finished and gave her lips a lick.

Finally the man cracked just a little and gave a slight cough and covered his mouth with his fist, “Oh… I’m not sure…” he replied, looking around the store as if he was being pranked.

She stepped into him just a little and moved her hand from his arm to his chest and looked at him as innocently as possible and lowered her voice a little, “I promise if they’re not to your liking I have other… fruits… that you can partake in.”

She winked and turned around, taking her basket to the checkout, only looking back when she arrived to find him eagerly following her.

She wasn’t sure exactly which fight with Dex had sent her libido into overdrive, but she did know that while she did pick up a few items at the grocery store each time she went, it was really something else that she was hungering after and it seldom disappointed.