A hands on kind of leader...

Friday April 05, 2024

I looked at the photo that Bambi had just sent me and shook my head, it was a problem with my line of work, keeping good help was hard.

Bambi had graduated nursing school just two years ago and I had already replaced her with yet another fresh new face at my clinic. Don’t get me wrong, Mandy was great, a real pro, but even just three months in I could see her already flipping through my previous clients before and after photos with a longing look in her eyes.

It was the same kind of look Bambi had after her first few months.

The problem was that my clinic specialized in making bimbos. Big titted sluts that could suck a golf ball through a hose, and drain a man’s balls with any of their holes or other body parts.

Not that Bambi, or Mandy, or any of my other staff knew that when the first came to work for me. They stayed “in the front office” as I called it, where my clients came for their first upgrades but were otherwise completely normal. It wasn’t until well into their treatments that they migrated to the back office, and only my staff that knew the real extent of my practice worked.

It took only a few weeks for the subliminals in the computer systems to work their way into Bambi’s brain, Mandy took a little longer, but not much.

Once there though, their time working for me was limited. Bambi was mostly typical, the first three months she’d worked in the front office, then I’d introduced her to the back office and she’d hesitated only a little. Six months in and she had started asking for upgrades of her own. After a year she was no longer presentable to work in the front office and spent all her time in the back. Then, after 18 months or so she’d degraded to the point of being little more than a sex addicted slut.

Which was when I’d hired Mandy.

I reached over and picked up my desk phone, dialing out to the front office.

“Good morning, Dr. Pumple’s office.” Mandy’s voice said.

“Could you come into my office Mandy?” I asked.

“Of course Doctor, I’ll be right there.”

It wasn’t long before the cute brunette walked into my office and closed the door behind her. Her plain white nurses outfit covered her body, but unlike the one she had worn when she first arrived, this one was tailored to her and showed off her pleasant curves.

She sat down in the chair across from my desk and I turned my phone to her and showed her Bambi’s photo.

“What’s your opinion on this client?” I asked.

I watched Mandy’s eyes dilate as she took in a gasp of air. I thought I could see her nipples stiffen under her uniform as well.

“She… she’s quite… beautiful Doctor. You’re work… is amazing… as always.”

Mandy’s eyes didn’t leave the image, “You don’t think her tits are too big?”

Mandy shook her head from side to side a little, her eyes still fixated on the image, “No Doctor, not at all.”

I nodded and continued, “So you like the complete bimbo fuck doll look. Those giant tits, those puffy lips, that thick ass, and that empty head?”

Mandy let out a little whimper and nodded, “Yes Doctor.”

“So you don’t have any issue with a client that would want that for themselves then?”

I watched Mandy quiver a little and then nod her head, “No Doctor not at all.”

“Good, good. In that case I have a special client that I want you to help out with.” I said and then set my phone down on my desk.

Mandy’s eyes followed it as she pouted at having the image of Bambi taken away from her. I pushed across a folder to her and she took it from my desk and opened it.

Her eyes went wide and she looked up at me.

“Yes, it’s quite a significant change. The poor woman has been stuck as a plain boring PhD student for years, she came to me a month or so ago wanting a change, and with the help of her boyfriend, came up with a plan.”

“And… and… she really wants… all this?” Mandy asked in semi-disbelief.

“Oh yes, she’s told me herself several times now how all she wants is to be an empty headed, big titted, fuck toy for her boyfriend. I watched him even try and talk her out of it in our latest pre-screening session and she would have none of it.”

I watched Mandy’s lower lip quiver as she reread the file several times.

“So, I’d like you to take the lead on this one, is that alright?” I asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Yes Doctor! Of course. I’d be honoured to take the lead, and I won’t let you down.” she replied with a smile.

I nodded and waved my hand in dismissal, “Good, call up the client and schedule her first surgery. Answer any questions she has and let me know if there is anything else.”

Mandy nodded and stood up, gripping the file to her chest and quickly left my office. My office was completely computerized of course, but I found giving the new staff a physical file the first time to be beneficial. Like Bambi, Mandy would take it home with her tonight and masturbate to it several times, imagining the detailed plan being for her instead of the client.

Which of course was the start of the process all over again. In another 18 or so months I’d be hiring Mandy’s replacement and Mandy would be kneeling in my attic apartment that Bambi was in now.

The good news was that I had at least that long to enjoy Bambi before moving her on to the next step in her journey. Sometimes that was a strip club I had connections with on the other side of the city, other times I might offer them to a client that had shown interest in them at one of their visits, a few went overseas to brothels and harems, but I never was lacking for options.

I picked up my phone and typed out a message to Bambi, “The Doctor should arrive by 7, make sure those tits are ready for inspection.”

A few moments later a series of melon and eggplant emojis came back in reply and I smiled, looking forward to enjoying the fruits of my labour.

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