Donna wasn’t quite sure why she was sitting on the end of the diving board, she was pretty sure it had something to do with her boss and the special project he’d assigned her to though.

Partly because it was the diving board at his house, and partly because the more she’d been working on the project, the more she felt like she needed to be around him.

She’d never thought of Reggie that way before the project, in fact she’d been secretly trying to figure out how to get him fired so she could take his job. She’d considered going the sexual harassment path, but well, he was gay so that would be a lot harder.

Then she’d considered sabotaging one of his projects, and had even started working on it, but he’d detected the problems she’d introduced before they could become serious.

When he’d offered her the special project, something sure to buff her resume, she’d been surprised, but accepted it as gracefully as she could. Weeks of working long days and weekends accumulated but she didn’t complain, she just poured herself even deeper into the project.

So it was a little strange when Reggie had suggested she drop by his place on the weekend to relax and decompress a bit. Strange, but not unwelcome, she was on the edge of burnout and so the time away from her own life was perfect.

A few hours on weekend snowballed into more hours, then both days, and finally even after work on weekdays. The relief she felt each time she arrived at Reggie’s house was unbelievable and she’d come to depend on it to get through her day.

Donna let out a deep breath and let the relaxation wash over her, closing her eyes and smiling as her toes just dipped into the cool water of the pool.

When she opened her eyes once more it was just in time to see Reggie walking out of his house with another man. It took her a moment to recognize him, Don, Reggie’s boss.

A little shiver ran through Donna, Don was a lecherous scumbag. She did have several HR complaints about him in the system, but he was untouchable in the company, a close friend of the CEO.

The two men walked up the side of the pool and their voices finally became clear.

“…the software took longer than I thought it would, but my group has found the issue and we expect the next version to be far more efficient.” Reggie said to Don.

Don smiled, his eyes fixed on to Donna’s exposed tits, “I was beginning to wonder if I overestimated you Reggie, I’ve always found your kind to be a little lacking when it comes to having the backbone to do this kind of work.” Don replied.

Donna watched Reggie’s face twist into a scowl for just a second before returning to his practiced smile, Don never saw it as he was only focused on her.

“Well I wouldn’t want to let you down sir, and thank you again for giving me this opportunity.”

Don grunted in reply and walked right over to Donna, stared at her tits for a moment longer and then let his gaze wander to her backside. He sat down behind her and ran his hand down her side, over her hip, and onto her ass.

“You know I’ve wanted to grab this ass since the day you hired her.” Don said as he squeezed Donna’s ass and goosebumps formed all over her body as she let out a low moan.

“She probably would have let you… for a price of course.” Reggie replied and Don chuckled.

“Probably, if I’d promised her your job of course. But we both know that would have just been the beginning. No, you can’t give these kinds of backstabbing bitches even an inch.” Don said.

Reggie nodded in agreement, “Tell me about it, she almost torpedoed the Johnston account with that last stunt she pulled. Well, I’ll leave the two of you alone for a bit…”

Reggie turned and walked back towards the main house, leaving her alone with Don, who was still grabbing her ass. He stopped after a moment and stood up and took a few steps back.

“Stand up and let me get a good look at you Donna.” he said and she pushed herself upward and off the diving board, standing upright, a wide smile on her face.

She stood before him, ass out, tits pushed forward, her nipples hard, and her pussy wet.

She’d be fucking him soon, and often, now that the special project was nearing completion. He reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing her down onto her knees, which she eagerly did.

She looked up at him, the smile still on her face, as her fingers worked his pants. Today would be the first of the many encounters she’d have with him, it was all part of Reggie’s plan to kill two birds with one stone.

Donna would be sucking and fucking Don in the office in no time, and then when she filed the HR complaints against him, they’d both be out of the company.

Reggie would get Don’s old position and Donna would be out of his hair.

It never occurred to Donna to think of what would happen to her, all that matter was competing the special project and she was so close.