Bimboton is a small town with a big phramcutical company, BioBim, in it. Since BioBim arrived Bimboton has undergone many changes, for the better, so at least the men would say.

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“Oh, hi Jimmy!” Lindsay said as she played with her hair standing just beyond the low fence that separated their backyards.

“Hey Lindsay, looking good.” he replied and Lindsay titled her head down a bit, touched her lower lip and blushed a little.

“Thanks!” she replied and gave her tits a shake before taking her sunglasses off and hanging them from the tiny strap between her tits that strained to contain them.

She wiggled her way across the last few feet between them and reached out and stroked his arm a little, “Like, Jimmy, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Lindsay.” he replied with a smile on his face.

She turned around and bent over at her waist, grabbing her ass and giving it a shake, “Like, do you think my ass is bigger than it was last week?”

“Well, I’m not sure, just a second…” he said and then she felt his hands grab her ass and give it a squeeze.

“Mmmm…Jimmy, your hands a soooo strong…” she let out in a moan.

“Geez Lindsay, it’s just so hard to tell without something to compare it too. Why don’t you come over to my place and I can find something long and straight to put up against it to see.”

He gave her ass a slap and she shot straight up, letting out a squeal followed by a giggle.

“Sounds great! Like, I’ll be right there!”

Lindsay wasn’t sure exactly when she’d decided that she wanted Jimmy to fuck her, he’d moved to Bimboton a few months ago as one of the new employees at BioBim. At first she had thought he was just another overweight, balding, middle manager from the company that seemed to be too full of himself and looked down on all the women in the town.

But as the weeks passed, and her tits and ass grew, her view on him had changed as well. Now she took every opportunity she could to talk to him, shake her tits and ass at him, and in general get him to pay attention to her.

Which was working out well since she was burning through what little savings she had after getting fired from her job as the local grocery store manager.

At this rate she was going to have to sell her house soon, and she was hoping Jimmy would let her stay at his place. She was pretty sure that as long as she cleaned, cooked, and made all of her holes available to him, he’d agree.

She arrived at his front door just as he was opening it and she wiggled her way inside, taking note of the relatively messy house and making a mental note to do a little cleaning before she left.

There was only a fifty fifty chance she’d remember, yesterday she’d made the same mental note and completely forgotten about it after he’d pounded her pussy for a good hour and left her a squirming mess with her brains leaking out of her pussy.

She’d only remembered hours later after she’d returned to her own home and done some tidying up. It was strange, she had never been a real stickler for tidiness, but these days the more she cleaned the horney she became, and she was a very horny girl these days.