Melody held her glasses as the flash of the camera went off, which was strange as the last thing she remembered was leaving a club with a random guy she’d picked up.

She was pretty drunk at the time so it was a bit hazy but she did remember getting in his car… and then… then he was putting something on her head.

“Alright, turn to the side.” the photographer said and instead of asking him what was going on she did what he asked.

“Turn your head to me, give me that classic ‘Oppsie’ pose.” the photographer said and she raised her hand to her lips and placed a single finger on her chin as she opened her lips into an ‘O’.

The lights flashed again and she tried to protest, but something wouldn’t let her.

“Good, good. Now turn around and spread your legs, hands on your hips and stick that ass out.” the photographer said and she did so.

Something was wrong though, her pussy was tingling more and more with each instruction and she could feel her nipples harden.

“Perfect, now face me and knell down.” the photographer said and she followed along, a little moan come from her as she did so.

She watched him approach her, and for the first time noticed he was naked, his hard cock bouncing up and down a bit with each step he took.

He had a camera in his hand as he step right up close to her and her eyes fixated on his dick.

“Now, show me how a classy slut like you sucks cock.” he said as the lights flashed each time he pressed the shutter button.

She looked up and parted her lips slightly, leaning forward and then kissing him gentle on the tip, before wrapping her lips around him and slowly sucking him into her mouth.

Her right hand pressed up against his crotch, just above his dick, and her left hand cupped his balls. She worked him slowly and deliberately, stroking up and down his shaft, pausing to look up at him as the lights flashed again and again.

Each time her own need grew larger and larger, her pussy quivering with each flash, her cheeks flushing, until she thought she was going to explode.

Instead, it was the photographer that exploded, into her mouth, down her throat, and her orgasm crashed over her only as a second thought.

Melody stumbled in front of the club, the sun just poking it’s head above the tops of the buildings, her sunglasses blocking the worst of it.

Which was strange, as until just a few minutes ago it had been dark out and she didn’t remember bringing sunglasses to the club… or in fact even having any sunglasses of that style.

She sighed and pulled out her phone to call a ride home, she’d have to see if the events of the previous night came back to her or not, but at least she had some new stylish sunglasses as a consolation prize if they didn’t.