Talia looked over at Jack and for the first time fully realized what was happening.

“What the fuck…” she started to say but Jack held his finger up to his lips and shushed her and she immediately fell silent.

She wanted desperately to get down off the counter, to put something over her mostly naked body, but her hands and feet simply would not move.

Jack walked over in front of her and smiled, then walked around behind her, “Nice cupcake…” he said and then reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy beneath her thong.

“Ahhhh…” she let out in a moan, only letting up when he stopped and walked back around in front of her.

He reached over and picked up the glass of milk and took a sip, “Mmmm. That’s some good milk.” he said and then set the glass back down.

She shot daggers at him with her eyes, but remained perfectly still otherwise.

Six months ago he’d hired her to do his wedding, a complete spread of cupcake and deserts for 200 people, and she’d botched it completely. It wasn’t her fault the milk she had used had gone bad!

It didn’t help that when everyone had gotten sick at the reception that she’d screamed at Jack and the bridge for accusing her of causing it.

She’d turned to leave and felt something strange, stumbled just a bit, paused, and then shook her head before continuing on.

What she had just realized was that after she left, everything had changed. Jack had entered her mind somehow and altered her, causing her to make several changes to her life that she didn’t recognize before now.

She could clearly remember buying the hormones and breast pumps, but at the time it was like she was buying laundry detergent, nothing out of the ordinary.

Likewise she could now remember spending hours each day with the pumps hooked up, dry pumping until the hormones had finally kicked in. She could even remember the small orgasm that had come over her the first time small droplets of milk had come out of her breasts.

Other things had come flooding back as well, the extra time at the gym, the hours of masturbating to the idea of having her breasts pumped, shopping for all the new clothing she needed, etc.

Jack looked her directly in the eye and picked up one of the cupcakes, slowly he licked the icing and her whole body shook as if he was licking her pussy.

He scooped off a bit of the icing with his finger and put it on the tip of her nose, her eyes crossed and her tongue tried to lick it off.

As she did he reached under her and grabbed her breasts, squeezing the milky fullness. He took hold of her nipples and pulled on them, sending streams of milk down to the counter, and her body to shake as an orgasm came over her.

“Good girl. Now I expect that full order of your special cupcakes to be filled by the end of the month, understand?” he asked.

She nodded, still trying to get the icing from her nose. She realized she had enough milk for perhaps half the order in the fridge already, to get enough for the deadline she was going to have to start milking herself three, maybe four times a day.

Her whole body shivered again at the thought of hooking up the pump to her breasts and watching the milky white fluid flow out.

He turned and started to walk to the exit but paused at the last second and looked back at her, “Oh, and if you do a good job I won’t be licking that cupcake of yours, but smashing it.”

She let out a moan as she finally got the icing from her nose and he left her sitting on the counter.

Slowly she came out of her daydream and slipped off the counter and put her shoes and dress back on. A smile crossed her lips as she picked up the cupcake that Jack had left behind and took a bit, savouring it as the last few minutes faded from her mind.

Talia blinked and looked down at the counter wondering what the glass of milk was doing there and why was there spilt milk on the counter? She picked it up and dumped it down the sink, a ting of guilt coming over her, before using a towel to clean up the mess.

She washed the glass and put it away before getting a carton for the cupcakes that were out on the counter and putting them away as well. Just as she finished she frowned a little and then looked down at her breasts.

They were so full, she needed to go and attach the pumps again, which was fine, she was well on her way to her goal.

Her forehead crinkled at that thought, what goal?

Her breasts demanded attention though and the thought passed through her mind quickly as she headed towards her bedroom, where the breast pumps and dildo were.