A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Kelly had loved the necklace from the instant that John had opened the box and presented it to her, though now for a completely different reason than the one back then.

Her love for the diamond encrusted necklace had started of purely from a financial perspective, she was a gold digger and was proud of it. The necklace represented a significant investment from John and that made her happier any sappy romantic gesture ever could.

Such a gift meant she had him wrapped around her little finger and there was little doubt he’d be asking her to marry him in no time, which was perfect. He was rich, handsome, came from a well established family, and was near the top of every most eligible bachelor’s list in the city.

She had grown up poor, destitute, and without prospects, the only asset she had ever had was her luck in winning the genetic lottery. She’d used that luck to her fullest advantage and as soon as puberty had hit, and started dating up, and up, and up.

So the necklace had been a significant gift, though she hadn’t understood how significant until it was too late. She’d put it on and instantly felt something was wrong. She’d tried to remove it, but her fingers refused to unclasp it as she felt her skin tingle and she looked over at John, a gasp coming from her lips.

His face had been plastered with a smile, like that of a kid in a candy shop, and it wasn’t long before she understood why. Whatever power the necklace held had quickly made it’s way to her mind and her head and spun around and around until she understood everything.

All the while she had thought she was a gold digger but in reality she had been the gold. The prize that John had been searching for, a natural beauty that he could twist to his desires. The power of the necklace did just that for him and Kelly was soon eagerly agreeing to anything and everything he wanted.

She didn’t blame the necklace of course, she still loved it just as much as when she’d first seen it, even more so. Now though, she loved it for the way it drew everyone’s eyes to her tits.

She loved showing off her tits, almost as much as she loved being show off.

She was John’s perfect trophy wife, and she wanted for nothing more now.

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