“Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my tits baby?” Kiri asked as she knelt in front of the man who’s dick was bouncing ever so temptingly close.

“Ah… ah, in your mouth?” the man half asked, half stated and she smiled up at him.

“Good choice baby, I love to swallow.” she said with a half cocked smile on her lips.

She reached out and wrapped her hands around his shaft and gave it a few strokes before spitting on it and repeating the process.

“I… I can’t believe Solar Girl is going to give me a blowjob!”

She lovingly sucked the end of his dick for a moment and then pulled back again, “Why not? Sucking cock is sooooo much easier than being a superhero. And I get to meet so many of my fans this way too!”

She then dove down the length of his shaft in one quick motion, causing it to twitch uncontrollably as it hit the back of her throat and just kept on going.

Kiri stroked back and forth and she could tell he wouldn’t be lasting much longer, she’d really gotten a sense for that kind of thing over the last few months of sucking so much cock.

She wondered how much longer Dex would limit her to sucking dick and titty fucks, she was eager to get on to getting her pussy and ass fucked as well.

She let out a soft moan and she felt the first drop of cum hit her throat, then she pulled back until the tip of the man’s dick was just inside of her mouth, and started to pump it with her hands.

She felt streams of his hot jizz flow out of his dick and into her mouth, she kept every last drop right there, rolling her tongue around and flicking his tip to get every last drop out of it.

When she was sure he was finished, she pulled off of him, tilted her head back and opened her mouth, showing him the giant glob of cum. Then she closed her lips and eyes and took a big gulp, swallowing it all in one go.

Her whole body shook as her orgasm crashed over her, but it didn’t stop her from once more taking him into her mouth and sucking whatever she had missed out of him.

When his dick was deflated enough that she was sure there was no more cum for her, she popped off of it and smile dup at him, “Thanks baby, that really hit the spot!”

She pulled her top down over her tits and stood up, then turned around, shook her ass and flew out of the open window.

She had a long list of apartments to visit tonight and she couldn’t waste any time in getting to them.