“Yes Sir, of course Sir.” Veronica said in a flat tone as she pulled down on her bikini top with her thumb and then then pulled it to each side to expose her nipples.

“You see? Completely compliant.” I said to the man sitting across my desk, a new client that, like all new clients, had questions.

Which wasn’t unexpected of course, hence why I kept Veronica around the office at all times. She was my “display model”, an example of my work. Well my work and the work of a half dozen plastic surgeons.

At one time she had been a semi-famous activist; women’s rights, environmentalism, animal rights, the whole lot.

There were still lots of video’s of her on the internet, or the old her at least, in baggy jeans, short hair, oversized t-shirts, and not a lick of makeup.

It made it easier to demonstrate to new clients exactly what I was offering when there was no question that Veronica wasn’t just some well paid actress pretending.

“Andโ€ฆ and you can do this to anyone?” the potential clients asked semi-credulously.

“Well the mental side, sure. I mean even the best surgeons can’t turn a turd into a diamond. I have to admit even I was a little surprised at how much Veronica had been hiding under those terrible clothes.” I replied.

The client nodded and stared at Veronica’s tits once more.

“Why does she talk like that though? I don’t want my wife to be some kind of zombie.” the client asked, turning back to me.

“Oh, that’s just her default state I leave her in around the office.” I replied and then looked over at Veronica, “Veronica, engage full slut mode and give our new client a better look at your tits please.”

Veronica blinked and then smiled, or at least smiled as much as her over inflated lips would let her, then walked over in front of the client, swaying her hips with each step.

“Hello Sir! I’m so glad you are interested in our services.” she said in a chipper voice as she straddled the man’s lap and sat down on it.

She cupped her tits and gave them a little shake, “Do yo like my big fake titties? I just so looooove them! Everyone tells me how much of a slut they make me look and that just turns me on soooooo much.”

She then pushed her tits into his face and I watched his hands slip around her waist and grab hold of her ass.

I smiled crossed my own face, another client in the bag.

If I had to guess he was going to have me make his wife a happy little homemaker for him, it was a common request these days. Far too many women wanted a career and respect, almost as many men as that sat around playing video games all day.

I didn’t discriminate though, while by far the majority of my clients were men, I had many women coming to me as well. Tired of their wimpy husbands and boyfriends, wanting a more traditional man that would hold doors for them and beat their chests when their women were insulted or demeaned in some trivial way.

Veronica wasn’t quite as convincing for those clients, at least not in the way she was being now. Even so, my female clients seemed to understand the meaning of what Veronica was, and that sufficed.

It was in fact how I’d gotten ahold of Veronica in the first place, Veronica had come asking me to her straight friend into her loving lesbian wife after being rejected by the woman.

It was the one line I never crossed, love.

I would make your wife your happy home maker.

I would make your husband a meat headed jock.

And I’d make either of them happy to let you play the field to your hearts content.

But love was messy, too messy, and always drew too much attention.

After confirming with Veronica target that the poor girl was the victim of endless sexual harassment from Veronica, and the last thing she wanted was any kind of relationship with her, I kept her for myself.

Veronica’s moans brought me back to the present and my new client was eagerly sucking on one of her tits, so I turned to my computer and opened up a new client profile and started entering what I knew. More than likely Veronica would drag the new client back to her office, where she had a proper bed and all accoutrements to properly seal the deal.