Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

“Ah, Sherif BigTits, to what do I owe this honour?” Dean asked as the county Sherif stood in his office doorway.

She glared at him and frowned, “You’re students are a bane on my town Principal Hardcock, I caught two of them fucking in the fast foot restaurant’s bathroom… again!” she spat out.

“Oh come now Sherif, surely you remember being young and horney, they’re just blowing off some hormones!” he replied as he stood up and smiled.

She stepped the rest of the way into his office and closed the door behind her. She reached around her back and pulled out her ticket book and flipped it open, pulling out a pen from the binding and clicking it.

“Come on Sherif, really?” Dean pleaded.

She narrowed her eyes even more, “I’ve let your school off too easy, it’s time you paid the price.” she said and then started writing out a ticket.

Dean sighed and let her finish, when she did she ripped the yellow ticket off the pad with a flurry and handed it to him.

He smiled and nodded, “How long do I have to pay it?” he asked.

“Seven days, no more.” she replied coldly.

“Well, I guess there’s no point in procrastinating…” he replied, set the ticket on his desk and then reached out and grabbed the two sides of the Sherif’s top, pulling them apart in a single jerk. A quick flick of her hat sent it flying as well.

The Sherif gasped and her nipples hardened as he grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them together. He pushed he back until she fell back onto the couch, and then he grabbed her legs and swung them up onto it.

He wasted no time in dropping his pants and mounting her, sliding his dick between her tits as she held them together.

Dean proceeded to pound her tits hard and fast as she moaned and cooed and squealed and whimpered with each and every stroke.

Sherif BigTits staged out of Principal Hardcock’s office, a disheveled mess, but a wide smile on her face, alone with quite a bit of cum. Not quite as much as was pooled between her chest, but still quite a lot.

She looked down and giggled as she pulled the yellow ticket from between her tits and uncrumpled it:

"Fine: One titty fuck, payable directly to the Sherif's office."

She reached around and pulled out her ticket pad once more, opening it and taking the pen out and signing the cum stained ticket “Paid in full” before placing a bit wet kiss market on it with her lips.

Tucking in to the back of her pad she closed it up and headed back towards her cruiser. She had the perfect place for the ticket on her wall full of fines she’d given Principal Hardcock over the years.