Dotty snapped the selfie and looked at her face… this was her sad face… her happy face… her angry face… her everything face.

It was so stuffed full of fillers and botox, caked in makeup, that she couldn’t make any other face… and it was perfect.

She only wished that the rest of her body was as plastic and fake, just the way he liked it.

A shiver ran through her body and she let out a squeak as her eyes fluttered… just the thought of him made her pussy twitch with need.

He’d made her this way, or more aptly, re-made her this way. She’d been an aspiring actress at one time, doing screen tests and trying her best to look like the girl next door.

When she’d met him at the industry party she hadn’t paid much attention to him, he was just another creep that wanted to get in her pants. It turned out he was so much more than that.

She wasn’t sure exactly when during the party it had happened, but at some point she found herself beside him, then hanging off his arm, then walking out the door with him. She’d sucked his cock in the car on the way back to his place, and then he’d fucked her senseless when they’d arrived in his bedroom.

It had been earth shattering, mind blowing, reality changing, and she knew she’d do anything to have it happen again.

Which was why when the next morning he’d told her she’d been “ok”, her world nearly fell apart.

He’d told her to get dress and ready to leave, which she did quickly of course, and then as she stood at his front door, he’d given her his number, and sent her on her way… with one last statement.

“Call me when you’re a proper fuck doll for me… not before.”

Now she spent every day trying to be exactly that, going to the gym, dying her hair blonde, puffing up her lips, plastering on her makeup, and sending his photos of her progress.

She was scheduled to get her new tits and have two ribs removed next week, and she knew it would take weeks to recover, she hoped that in a month or so she’d be able to show him she was a proper fuck doll.

Unfortunately she knew that wouldn’t be the case, she might look like a proper fuck doll in a month or two, but she had so much more to learn. She couldn’t take anything but her smallest dildo in her ass, her gage reflex was still in place, and she could hardly hold her breath for a minute.

Lucky for her that her new job at the strip club gave her lots of chances to practice at least the last two.