giggle Uhm… like, you were a totally naughty boy! giggle” Daisy said as she sat on the bed and Tom walked in.

Tom smiled and walked over to her her and reached down, titling her head up with his finger under her chin, “Oh… and how naughty have I been?” he asked.

She cooed and giggled some more before replying, “Like, you tots put that bimbo stuff into my protein shake didn’t you?” she accused him.

He chuckled and nodded his head, “And is that really all that naughty?” he replied.

She giggled and shook her head from side to side, “Like, nah, I totally made be feel all fluffy and giggly! But, like I had the shake, ugh, hours ago! And you totally left me all alone…” she replied with a pout.

He slipped his hand around the side of her head and intertwined it in her hair, he gently pulled her backwards as he leaned over and put his face between her tits and then took hold of them at the sides.

“Oh my gawd, like, good boy! giggle” she squealed and let him ravish her body for as long as he wanted.

After all, she was a good little bimbo now and she needed to make sure her man was as happy as she was!