“Thanks ‘Dad’.” Kim shot back, her voice dripping with a mixture of sarcasm and exhaustion as she rolled her eyes.

She was a grown woman, with her own apartment, she could dress any way she wanted to.

Ok, well, she was back at home asking for money to pay her rent, so even she had to admit he wasn’t entirely out of line.

“Look, I was just saying to think about it. You’re mother would be mortified…” Dan continued with ernest concern in his voice.

Her mother was a sore point, she’d died when Kim was young and Kim had very few memories of her, more just a few feelings than anything. Her father was in the wind, she’d never known him and she’d grown up with her aunt. Dan was just technically her godfather, but he hadn’t been in her life until recently due to him working overseas.

He’d returned after the pandemic and tried to make up for lost time, but it was too late, though he was good for some quick cash when she needed it.

He handed her a cheque, of all things, who didn’t have a cash app or something in this day and age? Along with a business card that didn’t even have a website on it.

“Fine… I will.” Kim said with snark and put both in her purse and then left.

Kim didn’t like the idea of going to a therapist, but she knew Dan wouldn’t keep shelling out money if she didn’t at least give him a little bit of hope. She turned the business card over in her fingers a few times and the let out a sigh.

She picked up her phone and typed in the number on the card before hitting dial and waiting for the receptionist to pick up on the other end.

“Hello, Doctor Thomas’ office.” the chipper voice replied.

“Hi, uh, this is Kim Tanaka. I was given…”

“Oh Miss Tanaka, I’ve been expecting your call!”

Kim rolled her eyes, of course Dan and called to let them know.

“Yes, well, I wanted to schedule an appointment.”

“Of course, does Friday at 3pm work for you?”

“Uh, well, sure I guess.” she stumbled, not having expected to be able to get an appointment so soon and unprepared with an excuse to put it off.

“Great, we’ll see you then.”

Kim read the message from Dan as she walked home from the gym, “On for dinner Sunday night?”

A smile crossed her lips and she typed back a quick response, “You bet!”

Things had been going really well between Dan and her over the last couple of months since she’d started seeing Dr. Thomas. He’d really helped her work through her anger issues and redirect her emotions into more productive things.

Things like focusing on herself and getting healthy, hence the gym, which Dan had been only too happy to pay for, along with her new wardrobe as well.

She came to her buildings front door and used her passkey to open it before heading up to her apartment where she flopped down on her couch, turned on the TV, before closing her eyes for a moment to relax.

But only a moment, before she opened them again and scolded herself for being a slob. She straightened her posture, crossed her hands on her lap, and paid attention to what was on TV. She’d left it on the fashion channel, like she often did, and it was showing the latest runway fashions.

Dr. Thomas had told her many times in their session that to be a proper young woman you could never let yourself slip up, and so she’d been trying as hard as she could to avoid being slovenly.

She watched TV for a while, then got ready for bed, where her dreams were filled with herself dressed in fashionable outfits, always hanging off the arm of some faceless man.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck Kimiko!” Kim’s voice rang out in her mind as her body tossed and turned as she dreamed.

In her dream she’d gone out for a night on the town with the faceless man, he’d taken her to dinner, then dancing, then back to his place.

The entire night Kim had been the spitting image of the submissive asian doll. Hanging on his arm, smiling like an imbecile whenever he said anything, giggling like a school girl when he made a joke even if it wasn’t funny.

All that had vanished as soon as the door to his place closed behind them and she’d become a wildcat in heat. She’d pounced and kissed him passionately in the hallway, by the time they’d reached the living room her fingers had already undone his pants, she was kneeling between his legs and sucking his dick as soon as he flopped down onto the couch.

After a while of her sucking, he’d grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet, taking her to his bedroom where she was now, on her back, her legs in the air, his dick deep inside of her.

“Big cock make Kimiko so happy! Kimiko big cock slut!”

Her dream was about to climax when her eyes shot wide open and she gasped, her fingers were between her legs and she didn’t… couldn’t stop. Her orgasm crested and she heard her own voice echo through her apartment.


Kimiko smiled as she stood by the bar as Dan and Dr. Thomas walked into the restaurant.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her, not just because she was so happy to be in Dan’s presence again, but because she also hadn’t seen Dr. Thomas for months.

“Hello Kimiko, how are you?” Dr. Thomas asked as the two men came to a halt in front of her.

“Kimiko good Dr. Thomas, Kimiko happy to see ru.” Kimiko replied with a thick accent.

Dr. Thomas smiled and nodded.

“Did you get all your shopping done dear?” Dan asked and her head swivelled to the packages on the bar.

“Hai! Kimiko get new sexy outfits just for ru! giggle

“I’m sure you did.” Dan replied and then stepped in close and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her in tightly to him.

She giggled again when his hand landed on her ass to stop from letting out a moan.

“I take it your satisfied with my work then?” Dr. Thomas asked Dan.

“Oh yes, very much so. I mean if I’m going to be supporting her frivolous lifestyle, I might was well be getting some benefit from it.” Dan replied.

Kimiko wasn’t sure what they were talking about, it just went over her head, so she giggled some more and placed her hand on Dan’s chest as she leaned in even more to him.

“Does anyone even recognize her?” Dr. Thomas asked.

Dan shook his head, “Nope, I got her name legally changed, and her tits done, before I introduced her to anyone who might have. None of them make the connection, especially once they heard her talk.”

Kimiko’s pussy twitched at the sound of Dan’s voice talking about her tits, god she loved her new tits so much! Or more precisely, she loved Dan staring at her tits, Dan playing with her tits, Dan sucking on her tits, Dan fucking her tits.

She’d never know how deficient she had been in that respect until Dr. Thomas had brought it it.

Dan started to walk over to the table that was reserved for them, this area of the restaurant was a private area for parties, but it was only the three of them in it at the moment.

Dan held out a chair for her before the two men sat down and then they continued to talk, Kimiko smiled and pretended to listen, but all she could think about was Dan’s big fat cock that was trapped in his pants.

By the time the waiter had come and taken their drink order and then delivered them, she couldn’t take it any longer and she pushed her chair back a bit and started to slip under the table.

She stopped the instant she heard Dan’s voice, “If you’re going to suck my dick, you’d better suck all the dicks you find under the table.”

Kimiko giggled and nodded, “Hai, Kimiko suck dicks!”

Then she slipped under the table and proceeded to do just that.